There are many methods to create free traffic to your site, but in this article you will teach specifically as generating traffic with YouTube or other online video sites and increase traffic to your site and positioning websites. YouTube has become an invaluable source to generate free traffic to your site, the first thing you have to do is search for your niche market or your topic on YouTube and look at the amount of videos that there is, how many visits have received those videos and types of comments received. It is very important to concentrate on analyzing videos that have more visits and look at 3 things: 1. Title 2. The 3 tags. The description once this is done, you can already give you account if it is worthwhile or not hang a video and if so, that kind of video would like to see the people, the next step is to produce your video, there are currently several free programs for video editing, Winodws Movie Maker can use you up the same, but the program that I use because it’s great and allows you to make thousands things to your video is definitely Camtasia Studio. Once you have your video ready must think carefully about the title, tags and description that you are going to put, since this will depend on the positioning of your video and the number of visits that will receive your site, don’t forget to always put a watermark to the video with your site address so that the person who sees it always keep it in mind, and in the description of the video you should always place a link to your page so that people click, reminds that we are very lazy and it is easier to click that type the URL and also the positioning aid web pages. I assure you that if you do this traffic to your website will increase dramatically, personally this has worked for me quite well and has helped generate significant traffic in less than a day and my positioning optimizes web pages. Original author and source of the article