There is a desire to ride on snow, is served to stay within 50 miles of it, and ride to the ski slopes come by car. Car hire in Czech Republic starting from 25 euros per day. Natural and weather conditions in the Czech Republic for winter sports in the winter months the most appropriate. The snow is almost constant and tracks is constantly updated. Winter temperatures in the Czech mountains will not fall below -8 degrees and rising above 5 degrees. The best weather conditions for skiing is the level of temperature 3-4 degrees below zero. Czech mountains are covered predominantly coniferous tree species, which makes the air in the mountains of perfectly clean and juicy. Mountains in the north, which are referred to as the Jizera and Karkanoshskie is in the time available from Prague.

By car on highway (dalnitse) mileage takes an average of one hundred kilometers. Can be reached by train or bus. In the south of the Czech ski resort in the Alps and bordered by Austria, the distance from Prague 220 km. In the east the mountain ranges bordering Slovakia and is the most remote ski resorts located out of Prague at about 300 km. If you drive to east Bohemia, you can get up to the Slovak Tatra mountains. Slovak Tatra Mountains, on how many tourists are told, too perfect in its beauty. Most welcome the Czechs have tourists from any country.

Russian come easy, as any Czech owns the Czech language and tries to communicate in Russian for customer convenience. The Czechs are very tolerant of tourists Slavic origin. The last example, hockey play the Czech Republic and Russia at the Olympics in Vancouver. Watched the match in a mountain restaurant at hostel in northern Bohemia, the hall was 99% of Czechs and a Russian table, we are rooting for her and it does not hurt to drink beer together and talk about the chances of our teams. In Russia, this would simply not be possible, especially given that the Czechs lost the game. Note highly trained mountain rescue services and tsentrospass Czech Republic. Helicopter Czech tsentrospass constantly on the mind and shows that the service is actively working to save people. When the slopes operate snowmobiles for evacuation when skating. As elsewhere in Europe for medical treatment in Czech Republic require international insurance or insurance against the Czech insurance company. When concluding the insurance contract Make out an extended version of insurance, skiing insurance is not appropriate "standard," she does not cover serious injuries and fractures. Be careful and take care of their lives. Winter tourism in the Czech Republic is very advanced, and advertise it there is no need for Western Europe, but for Eastern Europe Czech mountains and sports facilities are just beginning to open to learn and use. More and more foreigners are looking at the Czech Republic as a developed country for tourism in winter time, however, and immigration is a huge Czech Republic place in the life of this country. Winter sports and accessibility of services throughout Western Europe in these sports once again give cause to think about how to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic and long-term visa for border crossings to Europe without restrictions for recreational and fitness treatments. Czech long-stay visa is a Schengen and freely gives way on holiday in any European country. Enjoy your holiday in the Czech Republic for the benefit of body and spirit.