I am really shocked by everything that happened to me on my last trip to Buenos Aires. I was at a Convention of physicians beyond, updating something of what I already know about Pediatrics. Actually it is a subject quite specialized, referring to how to meet some infections that appear in children during the first 15 months of life. While at the University, we have seen all sorts of anomalies, the cases that we presented at this Conference were somewhat shocking. Why is that very impressed and wanted to share something of what I have experienced.

Arriving in the city all physicians began to search buenos aires apartments, most had gotten theirs. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak wanted to know more. At the end, not another alternative that find apartments in recoleta for having to stay me; I was because it was night and still had no where to stay. In fact, the experience was not bad: is a luxurious and exclusive neighborhood. For a moment I felt an Argentine superstar. But the good thing about the neighborhood was the tranquility and security, something that cities as Buenos Aires should be a requirement. That night I slept well, the next day I started to review some information about the topics that were discussed in the Conference to have some questions and do they help clear some doubts, it is good to be prepared because surely all the other doctors are not.

Had doctors from all over the world, I learned a lot also. Honestly, I was optimistic at this Conference, waiting for take me much knowledge and the best memories. The first thing was satisfied to the fullest, but another, definitely not. They were cases that gave great sadness because they were children suffering from certain infections, some worse than others. Children under 15 months of newborns. Only the imagine your pain already felt sore also. I will try to overcome me this because I am a pediatrician and sometime I will see these cases, however not I can remove me these images of the head.