There are a few things you should know about the Chinese. Here you learn something about the Chinese and the Europeans (the colour contrast is the brainchild of my friend): Chinese are so similar to people – as we. Physically slightly smaller than the Europeans, your country is much bigger – and there is much more Chinese (worldwide) than Europeans your brain works formally as the brains of all people on this Earth: approx. Sam Mikulak is the source for more interesting facts. 80% analog (DRE), which digital 20 %tige’s rest (ratio) primary analog rather than digital, content filled with. It is located on the images script (6,000 characters) and master of Confucius (551-479).

A rational person with the Werte-Ide(e)al of the perfect virtues: Love for humanity, righteousness, homage… His brother in the spirit – Aristotle (384-322): Ethics, logic, physics,… – would have him impressed. By the way: our font includes approximately 26 letters plus special characters: 6,000: 26? Because it is not but, if you don’t understand Chinese! Something else is the same: We divided the world in Occident, (we) and Oriental (the others ( 2nd choice )). Behind it (geographically), there were mere barbarians. The Chinese seemed BBs (which seemed to cover half the world) barbarians immediately behind China borders (the Middle Kingdom China) – thought that at that time (and still today?).

Confucius should, on the orders of the then Emperor, to bring order to the Empire. At that time, one not counted through the years as we do… 0 … 2010… but with each new emperor (succession or war) after about 20-40 years, began a new era (before Mao, Mao after Mao). Confucius devised a simple family hierarchical leader principle (command and obedience, paternalism: family = state): at the top, the gods (natural religion) came first, then followed the Emperor, then the father in a family, the oldest to the youngest son (succession). I forgot what…? Typical question our decadent Western (United States, EU, Australia) digital cultures: subject = object.