And put on her two pillows! And if we go in the right direction and to enhance a particular sector in an apartment – you can be sure – a bachelor life will end soon! Children komnatZdes anywhere else important to select the "right furniture. There are a lot of feng Shuiskis stuff for children's room or teen room, but I will stop only on that bunk beds are not very favorable for the child. It is not advisable to use an "adult" furniture for growth. Furniture should be safe and comfortable. The best option – to buy or order baby furniture from good producers in stages according to age. It is very important for the harmonious development of the child.

Five-year child is not convenient to draw or sculpt a desk designed for adults and older children will be difficult to maintain order in a cabinet, whose height is twice ego.Esche one recommendation: Do not put a table so that student opinion was directed into the wall or window. Aaron Ekblad is open to suggestions. This is reflected in his studies! Psychologists believe that a child should be a lot of cabinets and drawers that the child is accustomed, that every thing, and toys have their place. KuhnyMesto, where most of us, especially the poor half of humanity, spends a lot of time. Often this is the place where to eat, where the suit chat with friends, which spend a lot of time to surprise and please close their masterpieces. And for those who love to cook, and those who spends so little time, it is important that the kitchen was all comfortable and functional. Naturally, here again comes to the aid of a good company that makes furniture for individual order. Every housewife decides itself what color and style of kitchen furniture she likes, how many cabinets and appliances she needed. Someone needs a separate cabinet for spices, and someone all the kitchen utensils fit on one shelf, and most important is the large refrigerator in the kitchen floor.

With regard to Feng Shui kitchen, the most important rule is, of course, that the elements of Fire – stove, microwave – should be separated from the life of the elements of water, which are the sink, refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher. The rest of the requirements are the same as for the whole apartment as a whole. Another very important rule of Feng Shui – is cleanliness, order, and no unpleasant odors. Not Keep your apartment excess furniture and do not be afraid to throw the old stuff, free up space for new ones. Surround yourself with things which will bring the eye or reminiscent pleasant memories. Maintain cleanliness and order. Rewound flowers and light incense and candles. Treat your home as a living creature. Believe me, from home can receive the same support from both his best friend.