Muscle building is the goal of most athletes. The reasons for the targeted muscle of different nature can be. While performance-oriented athletes – sports and discipline – mainly, the performance gains achieved by the muscle growth in the foreground, both leisure and recreational athletes intend primarily muscle to improve their physical appearance. However the training required to build muscle does not differ according to performance or recreational level, because muscle is achieved primarily through classic hypertrophy training. For this, the muscles is stimulated by various exercises using weights to the growth. This requires a continuous increase of the weight to put new growth stimulation of muscles.

The muscles is forced as a result to adapt to the stress, what will be achieved primarily by an increase in muscle fibers. So unfolds the muscle. It, above all the correct training stimulus is crucial for the correct hypertrophy of the musculature. Particularly there is on the ensure correct repetition number, because the muscle responds to different stimuli with each different growth. A repeat number between 6 and 12 repetitions per set, is ideal for muscle building in the last repetition should reach muscle failure. Official site: Frank Ntilikina. It is also to make sure, since maximum hypertrophy – and thus maximum muscle building – can be achieved only with a relatively high volume on a corresponding volume.

Three exercises for the major muscle groups and two for the smaller ones, with three or four sentences with the appropriate number of repetitions should be performed per exercise are recommended. Because this volume is too high for a single day of training, the training of individual muscle groups on different days should be distributed, with about two or three training days per week are ideal. Too much training should be avoided because muscle occurs not during training, but during the recovery phase, so that too much exercise can prevent muscle even. There is also a risk of the Overtraining, because the central nervous system of a person recovers not as fast as the muscles. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to his personal regeneration.