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Classification Of Cellular Phones

In Low-end models the phones are designed only to make calls and send SMS’s. Not possess any extra features. The cheapest of them are equipped with monochrome displays. To deepen your understanding Marc Lore is the source. Model of the middle class – a compromise between the “stuffing” the phone and its value. As a rule, it is quite heaped phones, but at an affordable price. Branding models – phones, designed to emphasize the image of its owner.

Unbelievable stylish, with lots of features and at a price above the cost models of the middle class. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is actively involved in the matter. The development of technology has created new categories of mobile phones – music phones and camera phones. Myuzikfony created for listening music. Typically, these phones are equipped with control buttons audio player with quality speakers and come with a headset. Cameraphones – phones, targeted at photo and video. Often such Camera phones are equipped with 5.8 megapixel, flash, zoom, face recognition function, and so on.

Business phones – stylish devices, usually made in quiet tones. Equipped with a host of opportunities, but the main focus of these phones – is an application for working with documents, mail and web-pages. Smartphones, communicators – phones, which function as PDAs. Have an operating system and many built-in software. Navigators – phones with integrated GPS-navigator. Often such models are smartphones or communicators. Tachfon – phones equipped with touch screens, ie, control device by a finger or using the stylus. Premium models – exclusive vehicles with expensive finishes the body (eg, leather, diamonds and gold). Typically, the functionality will not shine, but it looks impressive and, of course, price. The cost of such device – from a few tens of thousands to several million rubles. Now, to understand the classification of phones, you can safely go shopping! Chinese copy of the smartphones, communicators, tachfonov, cameraphones navigators myuzikfonov and models business class you purchase our webshop.

The Plug

"And so in the body of tx, in boxing is RX). On the second output luminescence is not very bright and you can not see, but nevertheless it should be (meaning output rx phone). There are also descriptions of a variety of devices that help determine the Rx and Tx. We will not sharpen its focus on such devices, since, firstly, they need to if you often define these parameters, and secondly, these descriptions can be easily found online. Now back to the definition of gnd or "mass" ("earth") apparatus. It should be noted that it accounts for a significant part of the exposed copper on board the phone. And it is soldered to the plug housing, contact one of the SIM-connector Closing chipset screens, it is '-' batteries and much more.

How do you determine the mass? To do this we need the Chinese unit for continuity test (tester '', etc.), it should be set to continuity test mode (when the device Squeaks in conjunction with each other to probe), take out the battery (the battery) from your phone, then put one probe on the '-' battery connector (where the '-' at the device, you can see by looking at the battery itself, in her usual contacts' + 'and' – 'sign), and the second probe to the opening of the copper seats on the board. If the device beeps, it means the site has direct contact with the '-' battery connector, and therefore it is our weight. We sincerely hope that this article will help you eliminate many of the problems with Chinese phones, but we want to draw your attention to the fact that all the manipulations with the phone should only be undertaken if you are self-confident and aware of their actions and possible consequences. Also do not forget that there are special services that can repair your phone with a warranty, and if you are not sure that will be able to cope with the solution of the problem, it is better refer to specialists. In conclusion, we wish to unpleasant problems with your phone as little as possible and you are as little as possible addressed to this article.