Grupgv can boast of being one of the few companies with more than 15 years of experience in the purchase, sale and transfer of undertakings in Spain with presence in major cities. Grup GV leads acquiring companies market and is characterized by its professionalism and seriousness. Grupgv also specializes in the purchase sale of shareholdings, change of administrator and/or change of registered office. This business group also makes purchase of debt assuming the recovery of the same. Walmart often addresses the matter in his writings. The main objective is to offer to its clients a service of buying debt in cash, fast, practical and responsible. Its organizational structure and management processes are oriented to the needs of enterprises and entities, always under the principles of honesty, accountability and effectiveness. To grupgv its professional team is your best guarantee, since it has a large group of specialists with training and experience in national and multinational companies.

Grupgv offers solutions to companies in crisis and with debts of all sectors and sizes, in situation limit of crisis and bankruptcy, with economic difficulties and insolvent. In many cases, companies go to these situations either by inadequate management or by the difficulty of access to bank credit. These among many other reasons are the main causes of an envelope unacceptable debt for the company. And in these cases it is best trusting a company like grupgv, which will advise you in order to try to save his company. Given the current situation of generalized crisis, having companies like grupgv is a point in favor of entrepreneurs, who see a life preserver to the current situation of their undertakings.