In a great terraqueous explosion Fragmentos of my brain Had flied for other dimensions In a spectacular advent. A fraction was carried In one old arepago. There he was a scholar With its concise gestures to judge my verses As if it was the decalogue Or then eclesiastes. Another fraction was carried To a dogmtico exile In the world of the fratricides. When arriving at the frontispcio I came across myself in a gazofilcio and I deposited my alms.

It observed me to a scholar With its heretical look, As if I was a hypocritical one. I observed it with indulgence In that Full iniquitous environment of utopia pentateuca and dogmticos teachings. Now the land implodiu. Now, my brain if recompe and I am in return to the real world. I woke up. I came back of a madness That the quantum physics defies. The poet has the power to even transform the substantive concrete Into abstract substantive Or a construction of concrete In substratum.