They include the limitations of individual achievement and build teams to expand their impact on the environment. Developing an inner circle of leaders and investing in them, administrators weather experts multiply its efficiency and influence Conclusions Neighbor tells us that: management management involves the ability to adequately plan the various activities we do and define the resources and people who dedicate for its positive outcome and impact. In this sense the time is one of those resources and the ability to manage it will determine the effectiveness against the tasks Definitely, Clark reminds us that at this important time management know that success means achieving the objectives one is drawn, upon this requires more time to devote to strategic work to operational work. The strategic work is that work done to decide which one will do and do the operation is decided or put it into practice, if either a mistake in deciding the strategic work do something that will not create value, do not make sense, you’re just wasting time, so it is important to devote time to strategic work Adds Clark, time management is focused on how to use the time to contribute to the organization in which we work. In this regard we must start with the objectives of our organization and develop a plan to contribute to those objectives. Maddie Taylor wanted to know more. Having clearly defined objectives and prioritized, and what we do to achieve those objectives, we must manage the combination of what is important and not urgent.

The problem in an organization are the thieves of time, those trachea removed Noa time and allow to comply with the proposed plan. Sergio Valdivia trachea shows us not forget that time is money. The weather is beyond our control. The clock is ticking regardless of how we take our lives. Our days are like a box that has a specific dimension and can not be modified. No one can do magic to alter the length of the day.

But if our lives have an established address, we can do in that time much more and get a great benefit to each day. a No doubt as Juan Carlos Diaz says a good manager and good administration should seriously consider the need to address the issue of efficient time management not only from the standpoint of normative-regulatory, with abstractions that hardly survive around a couple of weeks or a month. If not planned very well what should be the answers to the interaction with people outside our brilliant and magnificent intentions, inevitably return to the impending conclusion that it is virtually impossible to reconcile the good use of his time with his close or beyond * sources: Review: be happy.