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Pole Multiculturalism

“Multiculturalism as a succession of bourgeois thinking integration and the living subject of the executors” of slowly but surely ongoing bourgeois thinking culture will have to be done! Under the established parties, particularly the old left (SPD, the Greens and left party) got hardly today, that the process of integration of the individual into society with head births and related concepts (“even if by supposed do-gooders” produced) can be realized. In this sense, multiculturalism is only a remnant of the bourgeois culture of desire. The integration is an individual development process, which by no means can take place as an adaptation to a specific culture or as a structureless mixing of cultures. Integration is a performance of the living subject in the context of his own design. Get all the facts and insights with sports apparel, another great source of information. The design of self is not to be understood as an identification with a particular culture. Speaking candidly Marc Lore told us the story. She is no adjustment performance. There are however cultural influences, the self designing of the living Subject not only not easily, not rarely also block.

These include among others, patriarchal relationship structures and specific role assignments to the wife. If someone wants to give up his own religious reasons in favour of such structures, he should ask himself whether the surrounding society for such religious antics is still suitable. In Europe, the development of the living subject in the future will have priority. The yesterday and stuck need to appreciate this. “Martin p pole digital capitalism – a manifesto of the new left wrote in the confrontation with the old left and the bourgeois thinking”, Norderstedt, 2005 see also the press release of June 26, 2007 critique of capitalism in the digital capitalism “under.

White-chocolate Massage – Latest Trend Or Well-known?

Soothing, relaxing and harmonising – the spread of German travel portal “, a spa and romance travel specialist has identified the most popular German hotel guests spa treatments in a recent study in 2010. The study for the most popular massage services of German short breaks were the classic 30-minute back massage, a 60-minute full-body massage and the 30-minute foot reflexology. In addition to the above classics demand for hot-stone applications, as well as different versions of hot chocolate massage. The white hot chocolate massage was asked for the first time more frequently as the Brown hot chocolate application. Baths were for couples or singles in 2010 as demand like never. The approach of the therapist with the Brown and white chocolate massage first equals. Both forms of chocolate massage is not working with the cheap cocoa fragrance oils in the are available on the common market. The application comes with the white chocolate Massage a heated white chocolate balm out of white chocolate, cocoa and shea butter and jojoba oil which is applied to the entire body.

Then massaging the masseur and the balm with gentle, large movements. Then the cooled white chocolate in a hot bath is washed off. The skin feels soft and velvet and carries the scent of white chocolate. The newspapers mentioned Kris Pearn not as a source, but as a related topic. This scent can last up to 4 hours. A cocoa bean contains more than 600 ingredients are. Their therapeutic effect unfolds them appropriately in different ways.

The cocoa butter acts through certain Messenger substances such as Theobromine”, has euphoric and stimulating effect, whereby the secretion is stimulated by endorphin and serotonin. Serotonin relaxes, soothes and harmonizes and ensures that we feel happy. The rectangular containing ingredients of cocoa butter have a moisturizing, protective effect for the home and have the famous anti-ageing effect. Secondary Plant compounds and polyphenols neutralize free radicals in the body and reduce premature skin aging and wrinkles. Due to the high content of proteins and linoleic acids, moisture is specified on the skin. Studies also indicate that an anti-inflammatory effect. The cost for a white hot chocolate massage vary depending on the time, the massage Institute, as well as the amount of chocolate used. Easiest chocolate wrapping are available from 25 euro. For more comprehensive treatments of about sixty minutes are to be expected with about 70 to 95 euros. Short trips in German wellness hotels are holistically under the chocolate-themed and are available in combination with chocolate baths, massages and peelings from EUR 225. This applications round off the day program in the context of a well-fit Schokokoladenwochenendes. (Dipl. geogr. Ariane struck)

Tinted Car

At first glance, tinting car – the most simple procedure. In fact, the process is much more complicated. The first thing to decide on the film itself, with the help of which you are tinting a car. By calling Tel. (495) 988-92-04 (multichannel), our specialists answer you on any question. If the windows of cars already have an old film, it must be carefully removed from glass without inserting them at the same time. New Film applied strictly to a clean glass.

We are working with such manufacturers as, Suntek, LLumar, 3M. The consultants will always help you with the choice of percentage of visibility of the film, will consult about the dignity, the superiority of a particular consumables. Our successful work confirmed all necessary certificates and certificates of state. sample, according to which we can perform such work as tinting cars, replacement and repair auto glass. On our website collected a large number of materials, photographs of our work on toning, and repair and replacement of glasses, and any other information that will be needed for every car owner. Referring to us, you get the most advantageous terms of cost and quality of work.

Professional masters will perform in a short time rendering the car, repair or replace the glass. We are working with such manufacturers as Suntek, LLumar, 3M. The consultants will always help you with the choice of percentage of visibility of the film, will consult about the dignity, the superiority of a particular consumer material. Tinted car is one of the services at our service center, toning cars of different brands, as well as replacement and repair of body glass. Our highly qualified specialists will perform the rendering of cars of any complexity. We value every customer and try to take an individual approach to each order. By contacting us you will receive the most advantageous terms of cost and quality of work. Professional masters will perform in a short time rendering the car, repair or replace the glass.

Venture Shield

You want a professional to protect your car? At our open spaces and there was already quite widely used in our avtoatele Vinyl Vinyl antigraviynaya styling from the company Venture Tape – Venture Shield. Venture Shield – revolutionary way to ensure the protection of your vehicle from damage. The film is designed to protect paint and svetooptiki from stones and road debris. Dirty crossings, roads create risk of damage to paintwork. A related site: Walmart mentions similar findings. Protect your car film VentureShield.

The principle of the protective action of the film consists in the absorption of targeted killings of gravel and the distribution of impact energy over a larger area, thus preventing formation of cleavage. Leading teams Formula 1 racing, FIA GT, NASCAR antigraviyku use. John Gibson is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The film has been tested in extreme conditions. Tests on the aggressive abrasive road conditions proved convincingly about the magnificent defensive qualities of the film. Ultraviolet radiation penetrates through the film perfectly. This feature does not appear the difference between the areas covered by the film and permanently located in all weather conditions, the film was originally designed to protect helicopter blades from sand in a dry desert. Today, the product of Venture Tape is used to protect the painted surfaces of different vehicles. And not only that.

Protective film You can even cover the boat. Details on which the protective film is applied, are neither in color nor the glitter of vulnerable structures. Film polished ordinary grinding tool, for work on sanding is not necessary to shoot the film. Accuracy and quality of the film deposition is achieved by using special patterns which are produced on specialized equipment. We put tape on the front of the the bonnet and front wings, front bumper, rear-view mirrors, svetooptika; thresholds, lower doors, upper part of the rear bumper, Any other desired body parts. You want to give give the car a unique, original appearance? Paired with a protective film can be used in kchestve decor film simulates the 3D carbon fiber. When applied to your car styling carbon film is one of the most popular materials, since it perfectly matches the shape pasted surface, if necessary, under the carbon film quickly and easily removed without damaging the paintwork of your car. Which, of course, convenient for car owners – we need only remove the film and the appearance of the car is the same. And while the process of dismantling does not take much time.

House Emotions

Do some say Yes and what you can do we often hear how children negatively affect parents who are divorced, but that happens when these children are our pets? In some cases, the effects can be the same and can be converted to voltage problems related to health if they are not addressed and handled. Unfortunately, since our pets cannot speak to us and express their feelings, let us decipher her emotions with their actions and behaviors. Often, these physical behaviors are accompanied by intense emotions that behaviorists and animal psychologists compared to depression, nervousness, and anxiety in humans. Signs of emotional distress signals * excessive licking, which can lead to cracked skin (known as acro lama dermatitis) * I restlessness and inability to stay still * scratching, chewing or biting (and often destruction of furniture) * pull the skin / hair * defecation or inappropriate urinating in the House. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from John Lithgow. This auto-mutilacion, and destructive behavior can be attributed to the emotional tension between the humans who are divorced, because the animals are very insightful and sensitive, similar to young children. It can also be attributed to an external factor, such as not be walked as often as before with two masters, or missing the interaction that received more attentive owner. Unfortunately, few parents pet consider to include your pet in their prenuptial agreement, and domestic animals are still not treated as children in a Court of law. While there are lawyers who specialize in pet custody cases, they are difficult to find, and the courts are not to accept cases of pets. The newspapers mentioned Amos Otis not as a source, but as a related topic.

Animals referred to often as property, with the majority of judges ignoring any involvement in conflicts in the pet no matter how many of them love and respect within a home. Therefore leave the pet owners deal with the custody on their own. However, especially since domestic animals are sensitive to the emotional and physical problems initiated or aggravated by divorce, it is important to arrive at an amicable agreement to help minimize the drastic turmoil in the routine of your pet and help maintain stability. While their own emotions can have a rampant running, try and keep the best interest of your pet in mind. Consider the typical process that can happen with a child during the separation, including the rights of visits, shared custody, etc.

Christina Aguilera

Cosmetics and perfumes – as desired is contained in these words, for every woman and girl. ink, toilet water, perfume, lipstick is in the arsenal of each of the fair sex. They will be happy for hours walk between the racks and the store looking at bottles of fragrant with perfume, colorful tubes, and anything that might give attractiveness and charm. women so arranged that they want to please men and are willing to spend on this time, effort, money, and give everything on the altar for the sake of beauty, if you believe the saying goes. Amos Otis addresses the importance of the matter here. The whole is divided into elite perfumery perfumes, Eau water and toilet water.

Perfume is very difficult to find in shops in Russia. This is due to the fact that their price is high enough, they are less in demand. Having the same flavor as that of the Eau de Parfum, Fragrance – more durable product. From this list the lowest price stability and has the smell perfume. Therefore, Eau water – is a kind of middle ground and, consequently, Eau de Parfum perfume industry the most. Manufacturers of perfumes, there are a large variety.

From the famous perfume houses and tastemakers such as Hugo Boss, Christian Dior to the name brands such as Christina Aguilera, Antonio Banderas, and others. The spectrum of cosmetics even wider than in the case of perfumes. As a general rule, cosmetic divided in direction of: means for skin, lips, hair, Nail, etc. All sorts of creams, milks, lotions, scrubs, balms – just not listed. Which tricks do not come only girls that like men. Let’s appreciate it and enjoy the beauty of women and give them our love!


Learn how truth about Antiagingcremes anti-wrinkle creams have become de rigueur in countless bathroom cabinets. Hardly anyone still asks the effectiveness and whether the overpriced prices are really justified. Whether Rossmann, SCHLECKER, DM or even purchasing land, Emperor and real stores have a great range of anti wrinkle creams and feel you can make good money so. But what actually the much advertised anti wrinkle creams actually use? After packing, at least, they promise mostly a smooth skin within a few weeks. Is this realistic? The prices exceed including the EUR50, which generates huge sales numbers for the manufacturer. The end user on the mystical ingredients hope to secure the great wonders.

Whether caffeine, Rentinol, Q10 or panthenol tone the active ingredients in any case, great. But wrinkles arise in the lower levels of the skin where the connective tissue is located. A little firm connective tissue leads to the lifeless. The wrinkle creams work only on the surface, no matter how good or overpriced they are, which means manufacturers or are the product promises. Would the creams penetrate into the lower layers of the skin, it would revolve around a drug, which so easily not could be purchased. The most cure for cellulite are still ineffective.

Often propagated here but with eco-labels, which should certify the customers a great performance. The oko-Test says only something about the compatibility. Here, it is advisable to known home remedies for cellulite to use instead of the overpriced folding creams. Thus rather regularly, massage, exercises against cellulite and low-fat diet. There are also many other ways to anti wrinkle creams that are cheap and available in every kitchen. Homemade masks that they also provide the face with necessary fats and other substances are an alternative. A mask from a crushed avocado with a shot of lemon, honey and yogurt represents as an effective mask, which stimulates the flow of blood. The mask keeps in the fridge for up to 2 days. The costs are only 1.50. An alternative mask consists of chopped cucumber and curd.


It is in the early 20th century when vocational guidance is configured as an action and formal process with scientific characteristics. From antiquity to the end of the 19th century, vocational guidance was exercised informally, without properly orienting intentionality and rather as activity of help and advice before choosing professional, linked to a somewhat intuitive approaches of philosophical or religious type. Authors such as Plato, Montaigne or Pascal already spoke of the natural inclinations of youth towards a professional activity and negative leave random choice of the trade. In the 14th century in different European countries, including Spain, are the institutions religious and charity which, from a welfare perspective, protect children and youth and worry about getting them a job. In our country, are important milestones in the 16th century the works of Luis Vives and Juan Huarte de San Juan. According to Ian Cole Tampa Bay, who has experience with these questions.

The latter, in his review of Ingenios para las Ciencias, published in 1595 and considered pioneer in vocational guidance, skills that differentiate relates to people and the relationship with the different types of Arts and Sciences, being necessary to find the best fit between the two to achieve a well-functioning society. From the Renaissance until the seventeenth century we can observe that several authors manifest a concern for training for work and also for the choice of a trade or profession (Pascal, Leibniz, Rousseau). The central idea that is going to strengthen at this time is that the vocational choice is going to be conditioned by the characteristics of individuals and their education. This idea will be reinforced to late 19th and early 20th Centuries before the needs posed by emerging industrial society, being then occur when the first approaches of a scientific and systematic vocational guidance. In the early 20th century society are already gestate the characteristics that define, practically until present day, the stage of relations between the Vocational guidance and the world of work.

Flower Seeds And Garden Shop Online In The Switzerland Austria Germany

If chili or roses, whether per species rare or tomato seeds many Succulents, houseplants, enrich the comprehensive and unique seeds offer exclusive flowering potted plants, orchids and cacti. The exotic and unique Botany shop in the Switzerland is equipped with lots of love and with first-class designer furniture by Salome Pinkus. For two years, over 1800 various seeds for garden and home marketed online. Customers from Switzerland, Austria and Germany, offers a unique service for flower and plant lovers. Both the demand and the offer for seeds have grown 2010 massively in the UN year of biodiversity. maintains a probably unique in Europe selection, all classic and well-known varieties of seeds, as well as hundreds of exotic and rare seeds online at. The Mindestbestellbetrag of seed delivery amounted to 5.50 euros.

The average delivery time is a work week. The trend 2010 is for gardening, flower and vegetable friends very carefully selected seeds for spices. The spice seeds such as for example Chillisamen, are generally very popular. An ordinary seeds order? “Ordinary” orders are a rarity, even if someone would like to purchase “only” tomato seeds online. Why? Would like to order tomato seeds a tomato Connoisseur online visit… What he found to his delight and surprise, is a selection of no less than 100 various classic tomato and tomato seeds from around the world.

Green, yellow, red and even black Tomaten…eine eye candy for all garden lovers. Organic seeds are also very popular for garden and home. The plant and flower seeds online shop has a very wide range of over 600 organic seeds from organic farming. Seeds with the label “Pro specie RARA”, organic seeds, all kinds of spice seeds, and many exotic seeds are all well documented and offered online by the online store. High season is during the next two months: gardening and nurseries and private sow and prepare yourself for a bountiful harvest before. All 1800 seeds from all continents are very well described. For every online shop visitors/visit is online an enrichment and offers everyone the opportunity to deepen his knowledge of organic seeds and rare varieties of plants. On a retail space of over 100 m 2 in the city of Zurich, customers have the opportunity to acquire seeds from all countries of the world directly on-site.

German Rugby Junior Championships

Hanover (U18) and Frankfurt (U14) get the title Heidelberg/Berlin. The German Junior Championships in the age groups U14 and U18 were played this weekend. These events form the high point and at the same time the end of the 2009/2010 season. During the two days, teams from throughout the country came to compete. For some, the stakes stand. So it was for some to the defence of the title, and for others to seek the best possible result, also in the review of possible errors of the last DM games. At the U18 in Heidelberg was seen the day before which clubs in the finals will meet. The German Champion, DSV 78 (Hannover), has superbly presented and proved from game to game and confirmed that the will and the skills for the title are available.

But the runner-up, Berliner Rugby Club (Berlin), would not let loose. The team showed in the two days, what the main city boys”on it? So it came to be that this faced both teams in the final. An exciting and fair German graduated Cup with 31:12. Thanks to this is also the tireless efforts of the referee. Sam Mikulak will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Had everything under control and ensured that the games were that like every year. Host TSV Handschuhsheim (Heidelberg) in a gaming community with the HTV (Heidelberg) reached the 3rd place and the gaming community from Hanover, consisting of VfR Dohren (Hanover) and Germania (Hannover) list reached the 4th Platz.Letztere the U10/U12 DM align next weekend on June 12-13. At the U14 in Berlin, the SC 1880 Frankfurt (Frankfurt/Main) gained the victory. After four games over two days, the Frankfurt prevailed most clearly.

The HRK (Heidelberg), Berliner Rugby Club (Berlin) TSV Handschuhsheim (Heidelberg) and SG Dohren, Germania list (Hanover) followed in the rankings. Hosts Berlin achieved 3rd place. What is of course not a bad result. All teams have shown what it means to play rugby. Especially worth highlighting is the fair and sophisticated games. Overall one can say that the Youth Rugby in Germany stands on a solid base. This in the in the light of the future, in particular through the inclusion of Rugby Sevens in the Olympic sports program, particularly important. Next week held the German U10/U12 and U16 Junior Championship in Hannover, Germany. This completes this year finally. Overview of the rankings: U14 of 1 SC 1880 Frankfurt (Frankfurt/Main) 2 HRK (Heidelberg) 3. Berliner Rugby Club (Berlin) 4 TSV Handschuhsheim (Heidelberg) 5 SG Dohren / Germania list (Hanover) U18 of 1 DSV 78 Hannover (Hannover) 2. Berliner Rugby Club (Berlin) 3rd SG TSV Handschuhsheim/HTV (Heidelberg) 4 SC 1880 Frankfurt (Frankfurt/Main) more information at.