Any manager looking for ways to motivate employees, including the material. He needs to find the best formula for wages are not abstract, but quite specific sales managers. First of all, answer the question – What is the formula to motivate managers to work effectively? Obviously, one in which necessarily will be present depending on the outcome of labor. Ie premium rate. Whether motivated by salary (tax rate) to the effective work? No, but …. Answer the second question. What is the formula for the salary will be competitive, ie, motivate employees to work at the company? And here the answer is usually the salary as part of the formula salary. Most people want stability, confidence in the future.

And this belief creates a constant component of the salary – the salary. As a result, today’s competitive job market of Ukraine formula Manager salary sales consist of salary (1000 – 1500 UAH.)% and (500 – 1500 USD).. In my opinion, this formula does not motivate the manager to work with full dedication, lack of initiative and leads to egalitarianism. The optimal formula salary sales manager does not should include a constant component, only%. But what about the competitiveness of the formula? Who wants to work in such conditions? Do not leave managers at other companies? Yes, leave. Yes, do not want to. If managers did not explain … the benefits of working for a percentage.

And the advantage is only one – to receive a lot more for the same volume of sales. For “stability” to pay. And paying for it themselves managers, often without realizing it. Because any owner, taking on certain risks, their shifts end up again on the staff. Show managers with examples of their salary, calculated according to different formulas. An effective manager will clearly be lose money if the salary. And inefficient? … .. And why is it you? And what about the young, not experienced managers? Often believe that the salary will adapt the young specialist, will support …. Categorically against such practices. The specificity of the sales managers forced to conduct a rigorous selection. A good salesman can only be a persistent, energetic, purposeful, sociable person. Check with Harold Ford Jr to learn more. Choose such allow them to work effectively, do not skimp on the percentage and you get maximum sales.