We are changing the world and change with it. But in the history of mankind is the place to the phenomenon as a classic. It combines everything that reached a certain level of excellence and worthy to stand before the eyes of all generations of mankind. It is a treasure of civilization, be it music, literature, architecture, tradition or form of combat. Certainly, Fencing has its rightful place in this treasure.

"In the cold arms has an ethical advantage, which lacks the firearms … Blade, gentlemen, this is a mystical creature. Yes, yes, fencing – Mystic noble people. Especially in these times. " Yes, the art of combat and possession of knives has transformed, but not dead. Today, fencing sport but, even becoming a contest, it retains a presence of three types of weapons. A this suggests that the art contest carries a certain kind of knowledge, skills and values. Are they important today? Is it really important? That in addition to titles and awards fencing can give a person? If there is desire to take, then you can get enough.

Do not forget, coming into the treasury of classical music, fencing, by definition, is a treasure. On the first couple need only develop the right attitude to fight, and life begins my eyes. You'll be seeing and understanding what is behind the missed kick or stab and what the price of defeat. What can cause the error and what is the value of training. Fencing provides an opportunity to experience a bout of others, one life for another.