It has given us a vision wrong heroes. We have been told millions of times that they are extraordinary people. And they are virtually converted into gods in our imagination. If we ask be able to tell if anything the names of some other man of action but very few. For this reason we will make any further clarification in this regard. We’ll start saying that heroes are here among us. Yes, because in the background, many located in them always at other times or in other places. And not so, the heroes are not so different for all people.

You could actually be yourself in certain circumstances. Because the truly extraordinary thing are they not only exploits them that they are capable of starring in. A hero is not always someone much less famous. Moreover, the vast majority of them are completely unknown to the world. Not only in the wars there, nor related to violent actions. Because a hero is not more than any of us to eventually perform a large action for the benefit of other people. AND to do so he had to put their personal interests in the background. Therefore we have heroes in any type of work.

There are also people, e.g. parents, which might be considered as such by their sacrifices for their children. Many, if not all the things that we enjoy civilization required great efforts. Inventions that we use today with naturalness as surgery and medications required years of research and sacrifice. Involved persons who with tenacity achieved extraordinary results in favour of humanity are also heroes. Therefore a hero is not the character of a comic book. It is rather a person as anyone who one day is capable of something extraordinary to thinking about the benefit of others.