And that is, indeed, the point to know and to press for the profit of the assignment. Once it is known, one is due to work ( to press ) on that point of intelligent way. Very not very often, a potential client will reveal, in first instance, its motivating for the acquisition of a product or service, as in the previous case. Here it is the experticia skill and of the salesman in order to discover those points. In many occasions a client will reveal a reason different from his true feeling to realise a purchase.

The good salesman knows how to approach his prospectus and to pose the questions that help to discover that points him to press. When Copywriting beams, you do not have the same opportunity and, is for this reason, that it is very important to know beforehand, desires, needs and tastes of your prospectuses. If of previous you have not made the exercise to have this knowledge, is probable that your prospectuses decide to retain their money instead of to buy your product. Ashton Kouzbari often addresses the matter in his writings. It remembers that, the Copywriting is the art to sell, but in writing. Frequently one has said that to people it they do not like that they sell to him, which likes is to buy. And they buy more based on his emotions than in other reasons.

Soon they will justify his decision with some reason that considers or wants to make seem logical. It is for that reason that you must use your abilities to help your client, beforehand, to nourish its justification for the purchase, when it requires to do it. We speak for a moment of the promotion shown in one bill of sale. Readings on marketing they show to us like some preservative publicists, express not to like the promotion, because they consider that are the old woman news, something old-fashioned. They consider that their clients will not fall, in that of the promotion and affirm that no longer he is credible. What these preservative seem not to have given account is that, promotion, by itself does not sell. Some Copywriter with less experience tries to compensate their lack of investigation, their lack of understanding of their market puts or the same product, doing an unfolding of exaggerated and emphasized terms in their promotions. You must know that, if beams your work of Copywriting suitably, this is not necessary. Not badly we interpret; I do not mean that the use of terms as adjectives or adverbs applied to your product do not have their place and acceptance, BUT must be used moderately and only if we are sure that can help to carry out the sale. But something yes is certain, fortifying your message, your bill of sale or announcement advertising with tests and credibility, you will convince more to your prospectuses than single pretty words in case. These in case single, they are not promotion, but he has been worse if this for of repetitive form.