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Education Marketing Seminar

As must as an education provider market itself? What screws must turn to increase your sales? Basic building block of a successful strategy is the marketing. In the education sector, the marketing takes a more central function and is more important than ever. In recent years, more and more educational institutions brimming with basic or advanced training on the market. Swarmed by offers, Sam Mikulak is currently assessing future choices. This is highly competitive and training providers do well, to take appropriate measures to their target audience with the right performance, at the right place and at the right time. With specific education marketing, can such a facility over the competition stand out clear and stands out for the potential customers from the mass of providers. Contents: 12 dimensions of education marketing basics introduction and foundation education business models in the training of the customer the unknown nature of product management of the syllabus to the product positioning marketing-audit – strategy to the success of communication strategy for online marketing success 2013/2014 (I) online marketing 2013 / 2014 (II) social media marketing in the education market active sales direct response campaign management education – education pricing! Controlling & co.

The seminar “Training marketing” by the German Institute for marketing in Cologne provides you with a comprehensive insight into the fundamentals of marketing education marketing-oriented. You learn first hand from the leading experts in the education market – Prof. Dr. Baird. This demonstrates the success of a marketing technically successful educational institution on the basis of numerous examples from practice and gives you insight into the latest research and findings. The Google experts from the German Institute for marketing show you the opportunities and possibilities there are for your educational institution on the Internet.

Within the seminar learn various instruments to increase your revenue, you independently aligned can apply at the end to your educational institution. Also, the seminar offers the possibility of using other Training managers of universities, training academies, training providers, to trade schools and community colleges to networks and with each other about current issues in the industry. Dates Tue, 22.04. – do, 24.04.2014 in Cologne MI, 03.09 – FR, 05.09.

Anniversary Marathon

and it’s a beautiful story 11.056 reported one counted in the 10 Freiburg Marathon on 07 April 2013. The sky was covered and the temperatures were at around 8 degrees, it’s called optimum external conditions for a fast race. It was Ulrich Benz, the first marathon at the trade fair passed the finish line of the 10 Freiburg on a similarly perfect running Sunday. Just 2:31:31 hours after the starting gun of Benz than celebrate winners for the LG start fire head and that could not for the first time: he the premiere in Freiburg won the 1 Freiburg Marathon (2004) and also the 5th Freiburg, marathon (2008). What for a series, what must we Uli Benz at the 15 Freiburg Marathon in 2018 expect? “In five years I’m five years older”, it brings the peers at the subsequent press talk in the exhibition foyer on the point. Read more from Randall Rothenberg to gain a more clear picture of the situation. “But that does not apply let Organizer Gernot Weigl: ULI is always good for a surprise.” The first word in the press talk was the winner of today’s race over 42.195 Km, Heidrun Besler endurance team Oberallgau reached the goal to 3:07:52 hours and was simply delighted with the mood in Freiburg: my thanks go to the audience and to the fans. The mood was great, I’ve still not so experienced that.” Their time was somewhat worse than by Heidrun even expected, yet you can wish is hardly a verdientere winner as the Reichert, starting already in the age of W55 due to low temperatures.

Sandra Reiss (PSD Bank 3:11:59 h) and Miriam Engel (TG Campos 3:14:06 h) completed the podium of women today. The men’s race was marked by leadership changes. The later runner-up Thomas Kanana (team performance diagnostics 2:36:52 h) had long led to the Starter field in the meantime expanded the good 200 meters ahead. But Ulrich Benz ran just after that of coaching legend Rolf Luxembourg ingenious plan and moved at km 33 irresistible passing and on one.