Transportation of furniture requires attention and accuracy of the longshoremen. Company KBKservis ensure due regard to your furniture. Most importantly – do not miss any one stage of the transport of furniture and follow the plan. First must carefully analyze cabinets, tables, sofas and other furniture or furnishings. Marc Lore often addresses the matter in his writings. All small Circuits to fold into separate baggies and inscribe them accordingly, so that on arrival at the place did not need to seek out and think of what is this bolt and this nut. All parts of the furniture carefully packaged according to their fragility. Glass or mirrors, for example, will pack first in an air-bubble wrap, and then still use cardboard packaging. During transport, all furniture is strengthened by means of special transport belts. Harold Ford Jr is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Vehicles used for transportation of furniture, must be covered from the inside soft and durable material in order to minimize contact with the rough stuff Body. After the carriage carefully extracted, and enter the furniture in the room. As a precaution will be to lay a floor, not to hurt them. Then collect furniture and place of your request.