The real success of globalization must be determined to the extent that it allows to enjoy each person of the basic goods of food and housing, education and employment, peace and social progress, economic development and justice. Juan Pablo II globalization, increasingly, presents his proactivity, new openings where given in the case that concerns us, as it is related to the business sector, education, are given great challenges that must be faced, more, in the Venezuelan case, which currently faces serious trouble politically that has significantly influenced the business sector, the economicEducational, leading the Venezuelan Administration be prepared to cope with it and knows addition, opportunities that exist and which globalization has fostered. Regarding all this, remember, that the Venezuelan State must take seriously and not forget what was expressed by the former President Caldera commenting: when making an analysis of what has been done in This country, in 40 years of democracy, with all the effects and failures that can be assigned to certain Governments or certain activities, especially in recent decades, will find a fundamental concern for education therefore have commented, when referring to the famous phrase of Dr. Uslar Pietri: sow the oil, if oil was sown. Part wastage, was lost, perhaps painfully, stole it part, but a good part, the most important.

It invested not only in infrastructure, but in the main infrastructure that is human, which is the education infrastructure. Unfortunately this latter has deteriorated, to deviate from the objective of what must be the Venezuelan education in modern times, contamination of deterioration of values infiltrated universities and this thus lost its direction, its mission, obtaining in the present professionals who need to be better trained. This should correct once by the Venezuelan State and the universities with better integration between them for their rescue. All this is certainly more valid when the present shows many signs of deterioration in the training of professionals, especially in the technical aspect, humanities, and social sciences as we have stated on other occasions that they require to be prepared.