They had warned us both about the promises of the politicians who were possessed by what could be called the spirit of St. Thomas. Only he consoled us the conviction with which spoke to us that wayuu skinned, compassionate look, kind word and convincing gestures which at that time served as Chief of all the maicaeros. Us quoted Saturday by May 7 in the school staff room San Jose. The day of the meeting spoke with particular interest for the construction of a new school and other projections for the city, and when the meeting almost ended, pulled out of his pocket a key attached to a blade with the colors of the national flag and handed me in front of everyone.

The door was our brand-new bus with white and green colors of the governorate of the Department, in which we could travel to Riohacha to receive our University wise classes. Since then we consider to Nando as a friend Mayor and as someone who became a good representative of its generation. Then we visited him a couple of times more in his Office, always at one o’clock in the afternoon, always with hunger and sleep, always to ask for something, we always got, related to our studies or with the construction of the new Colegio San Jose. Why everytime fondly I look at my university diploma, remember the bit that I have a friend whom I came to have the affection of older brother: Hernando Iguaran Romero. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events.