Virtually all adult behavioral complexes have roots that extend from childhood. The child, like a sponge, absorbs the information about the surrounding reality. A small Rights initially no concepts of good and evil, their form, especially parents and the environment. Child’s curiosity is the driving force behind its development. Many parents make the mistake of simply trying to protect children from negative, which is present in society, considering it the best way of upbringing. But as you know, “Forbidden fruit is sweet” and your every “No” can cause an unhealthy interest.

For example, the famous singer Madonna teens actively starred in erotic photo shoots and movies, but after the birth of his daughter has revised its outlook on life, becoming a respectable citizen. It is known that in the upbringing of their daughter, the singer is very conservative. Trying to protect the child from his own mistakes of youth, Madonna “too far”. The problem is not solved by turning off the tv. Dwell on the place and role of sensuality in the sex education.

The main thing – to develop habit of calm, a purely contemplative attitude, as his naked body and the bodies of other people (in the first place – their peers, including the opposite sex). The positive effect is thrall by paintings of great painters, sculptors of the statues and other works of art. We must teach the child to visits to museums, art galleries. Even viewing at home album with pictures and statues (with parents) gives lower educational effect than a joint march in a public place. A child sees a lot of people quietly contemplate the nude, and do not see this as nothing to be ashamed. Legislation of the former gdr envisaged the possibility of having children under 10 years of age in a swimming pool without a bathing suit. On normal (not nudist!) Beach is a place for bare preschool age children. Houses can be of different sexes to bathe children in one bath, tactfully explaining their particular anatomical structure of man. To ensure that the child did not feel uncomfortable at the sight of naked parents rarely practiced family bath days. It is emphasized that norms of behavior in the family – this one, but outside it – more. Your family is a template on which the child will build their future life. Parents’ love for each other and to itself give rise to self-reliance, chivalrous attitude of boys to girls rule in future cases of unmotivated cruelty and sexual deviations.