It is a proposal of an investigation of the Independent University of Barcelona, a new system that allows to reduce the necessity to use chlorine and its negative consequences for the environment and the health of the swimmers. It is to reduce the amount of spirit of salt, also known like salfumant by CO2 to control the acidity (pH) in the swimming pools. In this way the swimming pools would capture and store CO2 and in this way they would fight the climatic change, because the CO2 is a remainder of the industrial activity. One does not treat than it captures some swimming pools, but of the participation of all the swimming pools, SPA and spas, so that there is a contribution to the environment. The use of spirit of salt, chlorine, affects the contained alive organisms in the water, therefore when the water of the swimming pools evacuates towards the drainages and sewage systems, also it affects the environment. Michael J. Bender has plenty of information regarding this issue. With CO2 we increased the quality of the water, the water of the swimming pool no longer would be due to replace so followed and reduces of this form the carbon track. There are outstanding possible negative effects of chlorine of the swimming pools, the immediate effects demonstrated and undergone by many people: the rough constriction, the exhibited people of habitual way to oxidants in the atmosphere, detects east type of aggression and closes the alveoli to protect itself.

The effect is a sensation of breathlessness, lack of air or episodes of asthma. The CO2 use implies majors costs The use of CO2 supposes a cost ten times superior to the one of conventional spirit of salt, the cost of implantation of the system CO2 is of about 6,000 Euros by swimming pool glass, about 5,500 Euros more expensive than to use salfumant. Its installation does not have an excessive complexity, it is needed a deep space where to store to the CO2 and a method of diffusion of the gas inside the water of recirculation of the filters. For the control, it is worth the same system that governs the pump of spirit of salt dosage. Warm greetings Source: Self-Writing Ampliar the news Original author and source of article.