On Android mobile phones quickly and easily find the use of mobile phones with Google’s Android software is more convenient phone numbers and addresses. If you would like to know more then you should visit Frank Ntilikina. As of today, there is the free application of Dasortliche not only for the iPhone, but also for smartphones with Android operating system. Thus, Android users quickly find phone numbers and addresses from all over Germany. Special the Android app of Dasortliche: The mobile phone users can vote it on individual interests. 20 topics to choose from are available in the application. Each user can set his Favorites directly on the home screen, such as sports, culture or nightlife. With one click, the user receives all appropriate entries to the desired topic from the area in which he is resident. Eat, 28th 2010 the user selects one of the displayed results, a detailed view with address and phone number will appear. >Harold Ford Jr by clicking through.

An Internet address is specified, the contact data in addition the associated Web page thanks to the built-in Web client can immediately call, without the application before must be terminated. To the telephone numbers of over 500,000 commercial entries, the app offered the Freecall function already know many of. With her, one reserved for example a place in cinemas, restaurants, hair salons, travel agents with a free call. The user can view the appropriate addresses on a high-quality environment map with aerial photographs and oblique views to his quest. The application to automatically detects your location with the built-in GPS receiver of smartphones. If required, the user can show the way to the destination in the integrated route planner then.

The route description is either on a map or as a step by-step guide. Also the popular backward over the phone is possible with the Android application of Dasortliche. Who sees such an unknown phone number on his cell phone, can search by using the reverse lookup, who phoned. It is possible that the found contact information directly in the address book of the Smartphones to take over. The free application on the Smartphone under the keyword Dasortliche “in the Android market to find and is easy to install. About Dasortliche Dasortliche, the leading German Telecommunications directory is when it comes to local search. More than 90 percent of Germans know Dasortliche. What’s wrong with every second without o that he uses at least once every month Dasortliche. Dasortliche published media by about 100 publishers in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom. The total circulation is approximately 34 million copies. In addition to 1.047 book spending there Dasortliche also on the Internet (www.dasoertliche.de). Online, Dasortliche belongs to the leading suppliers at all and, of course, to the most important pages in the scope of local online search with about 15 million unique visitors per month. On the go, you can browse Dasortliche. With any WAP enabled cell phone or Smartphone can be found under the desired telephone numbers and addresses of firms and individuals. You may also be Mobile with the o-NAVI by Dasortliche free upgrade to the navigation device (www.oe-navi.de). Contact: Dasortliche service and marketing company mbH Dirk Schulte Bamlerstr. 1a food 45141 Tel. + 49-201-43948-30 PR agency Xpand21 GbR Juliana Hartwig Dammtor str. 12, 20354 Hamburg, Tel. 091 718