In fact, if you know 3,000 words, or even a thousand strong, as its own name, you can quite explain. After all, if you do something is not understand the speech of your interlocutor, you can always ask again, ask to speak is the same in other words, even to write, in the end. And you are quite satisfactorily explained verbally in sign language. And I think that most people will fully satisfy this level of foreign language skills, if they go somewhere on holiday abroad. And at work, if you want a foreign language, in practice often need a very simple foreign language. But, of course, if you are going to emigrate, or simply a more or less tolerable know a foreign language, for example, non-adapted to read books, listen to the radio in a foreign tongue, watch foreign films without translation, thousands, three thousand and 7000 words, I think, would be enough. Especially if you're a lover of classical literature, however, and modern literature, too good. It is generally considered that the modern educated person who does not limit itself solely TV and socializing with friends with beer and dried fish, has a greater or lesser degree about 45 thousand words of the native language.

Of course, not all of the words he uses in his speech. Most of these 45,000 words it has, so to speak, passively. That is, they can learn and understand to some degree, if seen for example in the literature. And somewhere, I think, about 20, maybe a little less, maybe a little more thousand words, an educated individual is actively using, that is clearly understands them and can use in writing and orally. About the same, if you want to learn conversational foreign languages, understand the subtleties values of certain words and phrases should be an educated person. It should be noted that a small vocabulary for spoken language. Without knowledge of grammar and idiomatic expressions can be no spoken language, except primitive moo and Akhanov.

However, due to lowering the intellectual level of many people, as I mentioned already, the native language they know is bad. And if you walk around to different forums and chats online, then come to a sad concluded that many will learn quickly and moo. Remain alone smileys and other characters, who, in fact, there are gestures, at best, the icons in communication between people. So everyone has to decide independently what azgovorny language, and not only foreign, it is necessary.