These doping rules are to observe doping in horses in the equestrian sports: what does it mean? Doping in horses means that substances administered the horse, to affect his performance in sporting competitions. So get the horse to such painkillers, so that it can provide the usual performance in case of a disease. The other way around, the horse can be affected by doping substances but also in its capacity to manipulate (so-called negative-doping) as the outcome of a competition. There are different types of doping in horses, for example with endogenous substances, vitamins or medications. Virtually every application of medicines even if it is medically justified represents doping in horses in connection with the participation in competitions. It is irrelevant whether or not doping affects the performance of the horse. Dangers of doping in horses for doping horses represents a risk for riders and animals and is banned in competitions, as well as in training situations,. Organizations such as the UNESCO or the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) try to fight doping in the sport for years.

On the basis of the WADA doping rules in this country has national anti-doping Agency (NADA) decided an anti-doping rules (NADA-code), which applies to the sport in Germany. In addition, the NADA leads an annually updated list of prohibited substances and methods. Harold Ford Jr will not settle for partial explanations. This is different: at all times prohibited substances and methods, in the competition-prohibited substances and methods, in certain sports prohibited substances for doping in horses also apply the anti – doping and medication control rules for horse racing (ADMR), which were set up by the German Equestrian Federation. The anti-doping rules are based inter alia on the animal welfare act and are to serve at the same time, the prevention of accidents and the protection of the rider, as the horses by administering certain substances may react uncontrollably. So to prevent the use of doping substances to the manipulation of breeding animals.