There are lots of diseases. Each of the reason lies in the unnatural, unseemly, improper lifestyle. Quite often, people simply take the pills, which only help to eliminate pain in the short time. And after that, a person begins to feel that he is healthy again. But this can not be anything other than fallacy. Read more here: CEO of e-commerce . Sports, true to the organization full-time mode – the necessary components to enable maintain a normal body.

It is equally important for a man content in the body of vitamins in all categories and minerals. However, the question arises: is the violation of the natural state of the organism key cause of the disease? Not so rare disease is an excuse for a man when he believes that it is necessary to postpone the solution of the problems for later. But it should be understood that the people in diseases of the blame themselves. Medicine Today is at a high level of development, but often it turns out that the fine details to overshadow the painful picture. Medicine is focused on the fact that the symptoms disappeared. In this case, the identity of each person goes to background.

A disease, meanwhile, is an expression of the state of the individual as a whole, and not just a violation of the organism. Mind and body – these are two inseparable things. Body – a shell, expressing emotional state. A symptoms – These are signs that indicate it is violated. Symptom is needed to the human brain called attention to having a place in his life events in order to find out the real cause of the disease. Since ancient times it was believed that the role of the main causes of the disease appears a violation of the functional body of work that is not associated with a component of social life. But now developed not only to medicine. Psychology comes to the fore during the search traumatic source. And increasingly, physicians and psychologists work together. Doctors destroy symptoms, easing suffering and destroy the cause of psychologists. There are cases where people suffer as a result experienced grief. Often possible to observe the change of hair at the experience of negative emotions. They just become white. Such a violation occurs in the body are not uncommon and is accompanied by ill change it in a state of mind rights. Emphasis should be placed on reducing the negative emotions.