The first band that I formally trained, based in a military town Sofrino-1. It is on this basis was established club "kime" existed for about 5 years. In parallel, I and a group of young officers of the same enthusiastic dangled on all the halls, where he taught at least something similar to karate. This went on before he met Valery Medvedev and Yury Dubinin Orloff Leonidovich – the greatest (in my opinion) players in the domestic karate. After this began a new phase in my life when I started trying to bring in more or less digestible system that mess, heavily involved in enthusiasm that was in my head and I very sincerely for taking karate. All the while, my first teacher, Linz, SB, did not stop training in Balashikha, organically complementing their Tai Chi Chuan classes that were held in DK 'Mashinostroitel'. Dismissal of the USSR Armed Forces, transfer to Balashikha, passing the 1-dan and training in DC "Mashinostroitel 'schools and 12 number 1 (in the Youth Academy as a coach).

Competitions, workshops, training, examinations, and the first four official Superiority Balashikha – as a result of training and teaching activities, as well as active co-operation with the 'comrades oruzhdiyu' of Balashikha, Moscow and Moscow region. Among them especially want to highlight Goletiani Amiran (senior) – one of the pioneers of karate Balashikhinskii, Salkovskogo Vladimir Ivanovich – President of the Federation Army melee Moscow region, Vladimir V. Bogatenkova – teachers "From God." Over time, among the disciples of the first "black belts": Pilischuk Maxim Konikova Natasha Poedintsev Ivan Poedintsev Eugene, Romashov Alexey Shvetsov Tolia, Zakharova Cyrus Yeganyan Haykaz … The guys have developed a taste for sporting triumphs, that in no way affected by the shift in the direction of sports karate at the expense of traditional principles. Of course, there were certain difficulties, which I think has escaped no one karate club. Write about them now do not want to. Very strong impetus to the development of our school has given my friendship with true devotees and enthusiasts of Karate, the recognized masters and coaches Karate Shito-Ryu Garmaevym Venya, Dormidontova Vadik, Rybin Eugene, Mokryakovym Vladimir, Alexandrov Andrei Yurevich.

Joint training, performance, fees, seminars, exams, trips, gatherings and conversations, arguments, quarrels and reconciliation … To date, the main School is host to BSSH Nov. 27. For the fifth year we do not change the "residence" and I must say, pleased. This allows the full and the boys and me to focus on learning and training. In 2010, we plan to fully resume training in Kobudo. Our club is very active in cooperating with the Federation of Karate-do Shito-Ryu of Russia, Federation of Inter-Regional Karate Shito-Ryu Karate-do Federation Shito-Ryu, Moscow Region, the Federation Karate Moscow region, Moscow Federation of karate, traditional martial arts schools "Kanzendo" and many other organizations and clubs. This collaboration would like to be considered a guarantee that everything will be fine.