Willingness to work, depends on the motive which encourage us. These reasons are needs that we try to satisfy and vary from person to person. Of course, there are motivations that are shared by groups. First, find out which is your own motivation. Strange that believe you, this is not clear in our minds and can lead us to failure occupationally. Once this cycle is complete, launch to discover the reasons and needs that motivate his team. Please find below some of the main modalities of conduct that lead us to apply the proper motivation to people. SATISFACTION in the fulfilled duty: To some people, drives the desire to do his work by the only pleasure to do well.

In it are a test, that can do what they intend. FRIENDSHIP first: There are people who do everything humanly possible to be seen surrounded by friends. That makes sure they are always eager to the recognition of others, therefore, avoid taking sides and become complicit in his friends, contal don’t lose his friendship. THE PERFECTIONISM: To many much more interested in the technical aspects of their work. Excellence is before any other consideration for them, and they do everything humanly possible to achieve in every work they undertake.

THE passion for power: To many, them encourages mobile arrive someday to exercise power. They are individuals with gift of command and excellent leaders. But, on the other hand, sometimes neglect its performance, by defending the power. VARIOUS combinations: It is not uncommon that a person acted pursuant to two or more of these forms of motivation. But common, is that one of them is predominant. As you will notice, not just the money is a strong motivation for people; in fact, in some cases it is not even important. Economic theory, we have inherited to the homo-economicus, but we must understand that we are not equal and that there are more dimensions than the simple monetary remuneration. It must be clear, that there is always a motivation for every human being that leads him to do something, but that an incentive or reason, you can change time in time and according to the situation. Latin Americans new entrepreneurs can be at the forefront of global development. It is a matter of appropriating our role and take our place in the social and economic development of our peoples; but we can do it if we do not understand our people first and apply the precise motivation to lead them to success.