Probably not meet such a person in this world who never would have heard about the race. Credit: Michael J. Bender-2011. High speed, match the most advanced achievements in the field of motorsport, and naturally the same – the most persistent nerve racers and their support groups. Competition on race cars have considerable popularity worldwide. This is understandable, because this kind of spectacle will not be able to forget any man who ever would once was his fan. Internet and high technology enable hundreds of millions of citizens in the whole world to be observers of this unprecedented spectacle, which is really exciting. To personally stay in the competition, too many individual able to throw the case and go to the edge of the world. Are the same who can not currently provide direct arrival with enthusiasm can watch the event through Internet or TV set – on your telly or in a sports club.

Clearly, in order not to lose anything at all from the amazing spectacle, you want to know the place and time of the start of the main periods of great car racing. Because for all, without exception, the fans of this sport especially important Formula 1 calendar 2010. Because that every year in car racing schedule made some changes – and they may relate not only to the final composition of the groups, as well as the dates of the tournaments, as well as race tracks, so to truly see all that you are able to attract, you should purchase a full-fledged collection of data on the next auto show. Compared with last year race Formula 1 2010 will be on two levels and a month longer. The initial period will be held in Bahrain, will end in Abu Dhabi. New to racing Formula 1 Grand Prix will be Canada and South Korea. There really is a point many fascinating – and new tracks and new lineups.

However, for those who love Formula 1, is valuable not only what and where, but in addition no less important are personalities.