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From time to time the cronistas we make count than we took writing during years. If you would like to know more then you should visit Doug McMillon. Before we looked for in the drawers, now we watched in the file of the hard disk. Certain it is that the words, in the computer, do not lose brightness nor the pages in time come off that so own scent the paper, but is something in the phrases of the past that do not resist the years with dignity. Learn more at: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. When by a change, to make space, or by the legitimate vanity to publish chronicles in a book, we put ourselves to the task of reviewing old woman texts of press, we must face the idea that a 20% will only be already of general interest. Hemerotecas have his mice – students, students, but when she is to arrive at that public who enters a bookstore to buy a book, is necessary to accept that not everything what one writes here is imperishable.

European Gold

EP the selection of Scariolo initiates their completion for the European. The effective champion of Europe faces a good France. The party could suppose the debut of Serge Ibaka with ' roja'. Special Eurobasket de Lithuania 2011. The Spanish selection of basketball, effective champion of Europe, initiates east Tuesday (21,30 hours) in Almeria its completion of face to the European where it defends title, and will dispute its first friendly encounter before France.

With desire to put on parquet the trained thing in these weeks in Madrid, the pupilos of Sergio Scariolo do not hide their desire and monkey to jump to the track to begin to take rate of parties, after these weeks of preparation. A duel before ' bleus' that it could suppose the debut of Serge Ibaka with ' roja' , or to see for the first time how is having together on the track to the Gasol brothers, one of desires of the Italian trainer for this Eurobasket. Sergio Scariolo, in addition, already has confirmed whom in from Almeria earth the 15 international will be and play that have realised the preseason because deserve it, after keeping awake that Rafa Martinez and Xavi King is the first discardings of the equipment. A very serious test for Spain, that initiates its completion before a serious rival, who that for the Spanish selector " a rival who is between the favorites to gain the Eurobasket". " They have great players of NBA and great level.

It would not surprise me that France arrived at the end from the European by level and talent is a sharpshooting equipment. This year they take to a complete super equipment and with all the rolls good cubiertos" , it honored Sergio Scariolo. A France ' NBA' It faces will be a France, that counts finally on the presence of pvot of the Chicago Bulls, Joakim Noah, and that wants to follow with its preparation facing the European, where they will be in game two direct tickets for the Olympic Games of London. The Gauls, directed by Vincent Collet, want to return to the continental elite and arrive at the reinforced appointment of Lithuania with their NBA. In addition, combined the French company/signature by friendly triumphs both disputed in this preparation, both before Canada, and where they endorsed serious a corrective one to the Americans. A France where they appear the base of the Spurs of San Antonio, Tony Parker, who leads a block where also they are Boris Diaw, Nicholas Batum, besides known the Spanish league like Nando De Colo, Florent Pietrus or the exmadridista Mickael Gelabale. In 63 occasions the French and Spanish faces have been seen on parquet from 1943, with a favorable statistic for ' roja' , that has prevailed in 39 occasions, whereas ' bleus' they won in 24. Source of the news: Spain initiates before France its way towards European gold

Professional Athletes

One has taken leave of the liking of the Athletic one of Madrid through a letter. The new guardameta of Manchester United declares colchonero of by life. It assures that its objective since he was a young one was to dnder portera athletic. David de Gea, guardameta of Manchester United, sent a letter of goodbye to its fans and through the Agency, it expressed his gratefulness by the affection that the people of the Athletic one of Madrid have offered him. It is not something Sam Mikulak would like to discuss. ” I hope that you are proud of that lad that dreamed whereupon the Caldern corease his nombre” , it affirms in the text.

” It has spent a little more one week since I signed the contract with my new equipment. It seems that it was yesterday when it was four years old and I got up myself for the first time to the Atleti in Casarrubuelos. From the airplane in that I travel to incorporate me to Manchester United it memory with nostalgia, with the sensation of which this nostalgia is for a long time going to be my fellow traveller. Like any other boy, each accompanied of illusion and my parents (without its support nothing of this went behind schedule would have been possible) with the unique goal of dnder portera of the Caldern someday ” , it affirms Of Gea. ” Recently more of year and a half I fulfilled my dream sealing it with two titles, never I will forget that sensation, never I will forget the face people guinea fowl rojiblanca. What I will not be able either to forget they are the tears of Barcelona behind the songs of support of nuestros” , ‘ adds to the international doorman sub; 21. ” Today, 16 years later, I undertake a new challenge with the same illusion of that one boy and eternal gratefulness to a feeling, that only we understand, that I will always take in my heart whatever shield that adorns my pecho” , it aims Of Gea.

” I see from the window of the airplane how I back leave my house, been thankful new club by the opportunity that offers to me and with the security of which I will finish my formation there so that from the distance, that only puts the kilometers, you are proud of that lad that dreamed whereupon the Caldern nombre” corease his; , it emphasizes Of Gea. ” To thousands of meters on the ground I today decide, more than ever, of all the companions, trainers and workers to me of the club who have made possible that one boy is today hombre” , David de Gea explains. ” When winning a title the smiles and the tears are mixed. It is what it happens to me now: tears reason why I leave, smiles by the illusion of something new but also by the security from which someday I will return to house. Thanks for todo” , comment the letter of David de Gea.