From time to time the cronistas we make count than we took writing during years. If you would like to know more then you should visit Doug McMillon. Before we looked for in the drawers, now we watched in the file of the hard disk. Certain it is that the words, in the computer, do not lose brightness nor the pages in time come off that so own scent the paper, but is something in the phrases of the past that do not resist the years with dignity. Learn more at: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. When by a change, to make space, or by the legitimate vanity to publish chronicles in a book, we put ourselves to the task of reviewing old woman texts of press, we must face the idea that a 20% will only be already of general interest. Hemerotecas have his mice – students, students, but when she is to arrive at that public who enters a bookstore to buy a book, is necessary to accept that not everything what one writes here is imperishable.