development: I pedagogical and psychological aspects of non-directional model. Traditional pedagogy focuses on knowledge as the content of teaching and the intellectual possibilities of the student to play regardless of their needs and interests, this involves ignoring the student as a person that learns. The character is absolutely evident directing of traditional pedagogy as long as the teacher is the owner of the knowledge, who imposes the authority in the classroom, standard conditions and the content of education. In this conception the student is far from being subject of their learning. How explain the formation of a critical, reflexive, man capable of acting with independence, creativity and responsibility in social tasks then? Directivity of education, meanwhile, believes that the student has sufficient competence to achieve their development in power and that therefore, the function essential teacher must be to bring about the path of the development of the student to create the conditions for the expression of their potential. Therefore for Rogers the logic of human development is explained in the following way: If the trend innate to human potential is manifested in a social climate of acceptance and respect, the person will find possibilities to express themselves freely and will find the path to the full functioning of the human being: self-determination.1 These ideas from Rogers applied to education marked a significant shift in pedagogy which then shifts its center of attention of the teaching to the student as an object of teaching learning to the student as a subject of learning, of the absolute directivity of the teacher in the process of teaching to non-directivity. Rogers criticized the directivity of the traditional pedagogy insofar as it promotes dependency and insecurity on the student who is subject to the authority of the master, defends the directivity of education insofar as it considers that the student has the necessary competence to achieve its development and that therefore, the essential role of the teacher has be to lead the way in the development of the student to create the conditions for the expression of their potential in power.