Some things you’d like to forget. For all the others, remember with these easy tips. 1 Move it or lose it as if staying in shape was not incentive enough, brought also raises levels of essential neuro-proteins, leading to more neurons that are better connected, says Dr. Hyman’s Medical Center, Lenox, Massachusetts. It is as fertilizer for the brain. For best results, the recommended 30 minutes of vigorous heart activity, four to six times a week. 2 Drink red studies show that red wine taken in moderation (no more than one glass daily for women) retards the accumulation of plaque in the brain, which can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. 3 Stop the tension! If you do not learn how to relax, stress hormones shrink the hippocampus, the center of the memories in the brain.

Do 4 prohibit sugar wants to forget the glut of sugar from your memory? Go ahead and might be in luck. It is clear that sugars and refined carbohydrates, such as those found in processed foods, cause harm and weaken memory, says Dr. Hyman. In fact, diabetics are four times more likely than diabetic of suffering from dementia. 5 Flavor of curry flavor should not be the only reason to expand your Spice rack. Studies found that turmeric yellow spice that gives Curry its distinctive color increases brain function when eaten at least once every six months. To reap the benefits, Dr. Andrew Weil suggests stirring a teaspoon in soups and stews.

6. Close eyes a study at the Harvard School of medicine showed that 45 minutes of sleep REM siesta, improves the retention of information. 7 Skip the tofu soy has its virtues, but helping the memory is not one of them, say researchers at the universities of Oxford and Loughborough in England. A recent study concluded that who ate two or more servings of soy products every day may decrease the memory function as much as 20 percent, particularly among vegetarians and older women. 8 Is a social butterfly say goodbye to Sudoku, hi to your friends. A University of Michigan study found that speaking with another person for 10 minutes increases its memory as much as doing a crossword puzzle. 9 Hartese of blueberries this popular fruit improves the short term memory better than other foods rich in antioxidants, such as Kale, spinach, strawberries, according to scientists at Tufts University. Experts say that a cup a day is everything you need to enhance the brain. 10. Get smart smell who knew that the candles with fragrances might help you learn French? Our studies show that sniffing a mixture of floral essences, it increases learning speed by 17 percent, said neurologist Alan Hirsch of Chicago. Subjects under experiment, smelled gardenia, lilac and pink, but almost any mixture will serve. Except for lavender, says Hirsch. On the contrary, decreases the speed.