In this case must be taken into account that already not only it that the child learns a language, but that comes into contact with an education system other than in our country and continue their education in the country in question. Stay time is something that you must choose between parents and children. But if we do not have very clear and feel some misgivings at the idea that passes much time alone, it would be better try a summer with a course of a few weeks, and then think about the possibility to continue studies in another country for an entire year. Advantages and disadvantages to studying in another country is one of the most efficient ways of learning a language. The child will immerse completely in the language and will be able to dominate it much more quickly than if attends private classes for years. Your academic level can dramatically improve the educational quality of some countries is higher than in Spain and in most of them, the practical training is quantitatively higher regarding which can receive in our country.

For the child it will mean a chance to mature, learn to move around only and to meet people New from other nationalities. Your experiences will help you to open your mind to other cultures and allow you access to better jobs in the future. In negative side we have the problem that the child can sit alone or helpless. Live in a country that does not know without the safety cushion of having their parents on the side can be difficult at first, but over time it will adapt and will get used to this new way of life. Economic investment which entails study outside of Spain also tends to be a drawback for many families. But, the truth is that the price of the courses abroad can vary much according to various factors, and there are also a wide variety of scholarships. Alameda Marta Garcia. original author and source of the article