When we are afraid we don’t account ourselves are the ones who create the feeling of fear, that we experience it and then want to not repeat. The same happens with the pleasant experiences, we ourselves produce them we experience them and then want to continue. We can feel very well experiencing a sensation of peace and relaxation, watching a sunset, reciting a mantra pleasurably eating or watching a good game on television. The problem is that we don’t realize that that so nice feeling comes not from anything external to us, we are ourselves that we produce are experiencing and want to repeat these experiences or not. Should not surprise us that is then, point to meditate is not reciting strange mantras, repeated phrases positive, or sit in a rare way it uncomfortable waiting for the Chi Prana or positive energy to flood our being, nor is viewed or concentrate. According to the real academia de la lengua meditate is thought to apply with absolute attention to the consideration of one thing. This suggests that if we want to know what meditate we must examine with attention to thinking why, necessary to analyze what is attention and thought.

We are reminded, that being attentive is to observe, monitor, something that very few times we do and when we look at we do it in a way I am critical, look to people locking us in his personality, his appearance his way of dressing, but never look to ourselves. If observasemos ourselves we would see our mind always restless, in a coming and constant thoughts. This chatter is incessant and unnecessary, since thinking should use it only when needed, the same as the legs or hands, when one is sitting does not need legs to move, but mind you already are standing, sitting, lying, awake or sleeping, he is tirelessly working.