On June 21 the Association youth Zagales Burlada will be camp hostel Lekaroz to spend 7 unforgettable days full of adventures, activities and moments that will not forget. He is expected that the time you join. The camp will attend kids aged 10 to 15, all them Regina Pacis of Burlada (Navarra) College students. The camp will be divided into two levels, from 10 to 12 years will be in a group where to undertake a specific symbolic framework and 12 to 15 years will be part of another group where the symbolic framework will be a different one. These groups are formed because the level that there are in a group is very different from the other. The kids who have already been other years are excited to see that I’m leaving symbolic touched them but those who go for the first time go with the uncertainty of the as it will be. By camps that Zagales Burlada makes every year by these dates have passed a lot of people, a few people that still follows accompanied and helping and many other people who don’t already follow with the Association. Once arrived at the 14-15 years (2nd ESO) can go to other national camps performed with zagales of other places throughout Spain and live another adventure other than that have lived in the camp of Zagales Burlada.