ASSOS T FI. 13_S5 – cycling pants of extraordinaire, now at Speedware bike parts Assos is a known manufacturer for professional cycling clothing based in the Switzerland. With the T FI. 13_S5 Assos now sends its top of the range in the race to win the favor of customers. The speed goods shop known in the scene for professional lightweight is on board! Developed the Assos T FI.

13_S5 for excellence in training and competition. The target group are cyclists, whose philosophy of life demand peak performance in every aspect of their lives. The innovative design and highest quality of prompted Assos to, the T FI. 13_S5 only in limited quantities to produce. It starts with the ergonomically shaped seat cushion, which adapts to the ergonomics of the driver due to the elaborate design and tailoring.

The side lengths are made from the new Lycra type A430. It guarantees a higher muscle compression. It has an innovative fit for less pressure in the genital area, as well as carrier made of very elastic material for more Comfort. You find more information about the new Assos shorts, as well as more innovative Assos solutions speed goods shop. Speedware bike parts has grown with the construction of carbon parts for competition bikes. “With the speed goods shop, the company consistently pursue its line of light, quick and uncompromising”. All components, any accessories and all apparel offered is suitable for the competition, some are also intended for them. Professional cyclists around the world rely on these products, the Speedware makes accessible bike parts for everyone.