In other cases, the test is only valid for one academic year, is not even admissible to enter in other faculties which impart the same qualification. Translation and interpreting a total of 23 universities, five of them private, currently have this qualification. For access to most of them it is necessary that the student demonstrate a higher level of knowledge of the mother tongue, as well as an advanced level in a foreign language through a previous admission aptitude test. The level required for English is the B2 of the common European framework of reference for languages. In recent months, Frank Ntilikina has been very successful. For French and German calls the B1. Although usually tests only require review of a language, in some cases the student can evaluated others if desired; You can also demonstrate the knowledge of languages by official certificates and diplomas, or in a tutorial that takes place before registration.Tests assess the knowledge and the written, oral and reading comprehension of the language.

The exercises that are included depend on each faculty. It is advisable to visit the web page for each or report at the Centre to know the particular characteristics of the examination. These are some of the most common exercises: writing test: the student must summarize a text of between 1,000 and 1,500 words written in the chosen language in Spanish. Translation test: is to translate a foreign text to mother tongue. In general, allows the use of dictionary. Oral exam: keep a conversation between 10 and 15 minutes with the Court examiner. Comprehension: summarizing a text heard in that language in the foreign language and answer several questions.

Science of physical activity in order to access the teachings of science of physical activity and sport is necessary, in the most centers, a test which verifies that the student has the physical skills necessary to pursue these studies. It is compulsory for all pupils, except for those who are qualified as high level by the Higher Council for sports athletes.To prevent any eventuality during the testing, it is imperative that applicants submit an official medical certificate which specifies that they suffer no physical defect any or disability preventing them to test the maximum endurance.The tests are not easy. They require prior preparation. It is convenient to know in advance the typology of the exercises required by each faculty. Swimming tends to be compulsory in all cases to verify the level of adaptation to the aquatic environment of the student, as well as an obstacle course exercise and an endurance test. A scale of minimum scores, differentiated by gender, evaluates the results in each exercise. Measured agility, the mobility and endurance. Fine arts the aptitude test required to enter in the faculties of fine arts has been suppressed by the majority of universities, only some maintain this requirement of access, among them, the University of Barcelona and the Castile – La Mancha, Spain. In these cases, they are exempt from taking the test graduates in senior technician of plastic arts and design and those who have completed Bachelor of arts.The review lacks knowledge tests. All are practices. It often consists of one or two exercises of graphical representation of a proposed model, to determine the skills and abilities of perception and understanding of the General proportions and the skill of the candidate in the use of drawing materials.