But the most important part is the action, to do all the necessary one to become successful athlete. The truth much people is deceived when they discover that the mind must be able, think that the things will appear of magical form without effort, that does not work thus, it enters newer and radical a greater mental and physical effort is our change of life is necessary to materialize it. for example they speak when us of the secret they ask to us to try to think constantly about an apple and that apple will arrive at our life, in truth that thus happens, but there is an important characteristic that the book is mentioned I I am Happy, I I am Rico; for the mind of the majority of the people to obtain an apple is something extremely easy and we have eaten many apples in the life, then for the mind that information is in its system, now if we thought about a Ferrari car of the year and we have never had car see as that is not materialized so easily because for the mind that information is not in the system, is necessary to program it and without a doubt it can become, but for that it will be necessary to make many actions that take to the mind to the conviction on the one hand and by another one to an interchange, everything what it arrives to us represents an interchange, for example the millionaires give something of them (art, music, goods, services, etc.) to change it by money, that is something that must be clear, each thing that we aspired implies to give something in exchange for which we wished, can be so many and so many things, that it is what returns to this wonderful world.. .