What is most important in the Art of the struggle? I will answer the most important thing – the desire for peace. But do not be afraid of war. If a fight is inevitable, we must act quickly and decisively. Sharp and strong impact neutralize the enemy. Therefore, a mentor, and teaches ways to attack. But you can learn a thousand years wallop and meet the enemy with a stone head, which will hit harder. Is there a way to avoid this? Yes.

Therefore, Mentor Road forces to teach and protect the right to strike. It’s only natural to follow. Therefore, art of warfare and requires knowledge of the capabilities. So Art Ways and requires the ability to choose the right set of possible. (Not to be confused with American gymnast!). What is the right choice? The desire for peace – I repeat myself. You may crave combat, but do not have to wait for the war, and soon the world. You win if your hand is the hand of God, by the hand of Truth.

Then you izbegnite destruction and overwhelm the enemy’s entire force of the earth and sky. Therefore, a mentor Ways and tells you about the positions and their places of the world, and you are shedding their sweat to get it. But it can not be true what is within you, but not overwhelmed you anywhere, anytime. Take a look at yourself and be. Warrior Path is called the one who does not stop. What next? You’ll learn to do the steps and walk. Ways mentor to guide you. But there is little benefit in the ability to go and the ability to act if they are separate. Together they will provide skill. But what good is the skill, if you can not use it you when we need it? Ask a mentor. The desire for peace will tell you where and when.