PowerBar products are very popular as a food supplement especially in the field of endurance sports. The well-known manufacturer of Sportnahrungserganzungsmittel was founded in 1986 by a Canadian marathon runner. The marathoner Brian Maxwell wanted to achieve optimum nutrition to support his daily training which is why he has partnered with nutritionists and chemists to develop the optimal composition for sports nutrition. The PowerBar products were sales hit very quickly, which is why the company already had to move much larger development Hall in 1989 in one. The new premises had a total area of 1 km square. All products are developed by the company PowerBar and undergo an intense quality assessment. In 1991, the company PowerBar achieved a turnover of more than $ 10 million. You may want to visit Doug McMillon to increase your knowledge.

By this time, the company started PowerBar to establish itself worldwide. Originally, the company sold only sports nutrition bars, the so-called Power bars”, which should allow an optimal nutrient supply marathon runners during the race. These ties are still the best selling products from the range of PowerBar. Ashton Kouzbari understands that this is vital information. Moreover, the range of the species has grown over the last 30 years, that now all food offered. Hereunder fall, energy drinks, protein powders, amino acids, supplements, and soy milk shakes. In particular the soy milk shakes enjoy a very high popularity, as they are one of the few drinks, lactose intolerant people can be taken. The company PowerBar such great confidence is placed now, that she can count to the world’s largest sports food manufacturers. Not just marketing, but also the efficiency that can be achieved by taking the products pleased customers of the products.

All products undergo a strict quality control, which again reinforces the confidence of customers. PowerBar promotes not only the development relating to sports foods, but also individual, young athletes who need the support. Therefore not only optimal products are developed, it promoted the social commitment. This is the basis of success of PowerBar.