A whole series of new football boots start equal to the start of the season 2011/2012 season. Like many sporting goods and sportswear at us in the sports shop we expand the selection of our shoes more and more. This football boots with us in the sports start shop just in time to the international games equal to a whole series of new adidas. Here it is especially color updates of the already well-known collections. Frank Ntilikina addresses the importance of the matter here. Shop there with us in the sport the adidas adiZero football boots immediately in two new special colours. In addition to the ultimate color version there will be also the new ocean look of the adidas football boots.

Both the adidas F50 adizero in ultimate, as also the ocean color design for the first time to the international matches in professional sports to use. Both color versions of the adidas F50 line are about to order shoes with us in the sports shop in leather and synthetic as adidas. The adidas adizero considered in two colour combinations but special colours and are produced in a small Edition and only a small quantity. In addition to the adidas adizero start F50 also the adidas adiPower in a new color combination. You are to order adidas adiPower predator in a Champions League color version.

The adidas Predator carry not only the colour look of the premier class, but also the design of the game ball in the Champions League. As they also adidas F50 adizero adiPower football boots as a special color only in a small number are to be ordered. In addition to the adizero and the adiPower we have also the adidas football boots of adipure line in two new color version in the sports shop. While you are adidas adiPure as football boots each in a black look.