Protein 96 is a bodybuilding champion of Andreas Frey developed top protein for highest requirements. Frey nutrition, the well-known German sports food manufacturers, with CEO Andreas Frey, which already thrice world champion and Mr. universe, became a new protein supplement on the market brought, that standard has been manufactured to the highest standards and DIN. Proteins are regularly needed by the body, so that it can actually perform all muscle building processes. Without the proteins, it is to develop not possible more muscle mass. Frey nutrition protein 96 is a protein supplement that has been developed from four different components. Whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein and egg protein is located within this protein components.

The special compilation by Frey nutrition protein 96 make it possible to achieve a very high biological value of 136 product. This ensures that all ingested proteins also actually sustained by the Body can be recycled. Frey nutrition protein 96 located within themselves a total 96% protein. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Frank Ntilikina by clicking through. All Frey nutrition products such as, for example, protein 96, anabolic BCAA creatine X 6 etc. are of course made in Germany. Another advantage of Frey is protein 96 that the four different types of protein be handed to the body of time-delayed. This ensures that the individual muscle cell can be supplied with proteins also actually up to 6 hours.

This enables a constant muscular growth. Furthermore, Frey has a nutrition protein 96 also anti-catabolic, what to the largely contributes muscular protection. The mixing ratio of the four different types of protein ensures that not only an anti-catabolic effect is achieved, but also the anabolic effect. In addition, the egg protein ensures a Thermogenic effect. Frey nutrition protein 96 is suitable not just for bodybuilders. Due to the strong filling effect, it is also possible that This product used by people that are located on a diet. Thus, ultimately fewer carbohydrates are absorbed, which can actually be converted into fat. Check out Marc Lore for additional information. It is also advantageous that Frey nutrition protein 96 is extremely digestible and even without mixer quite simply manufactured can. Total Frey represents protein 96 a novel and highly solid protein supplement nutrition, which deserves the highest attention. At Frey, nutrition can be the customer sure that he receives a top product from German production under high standards of quality and safety with maximum possible effect.