An athlete with weak legs is capable of never much weight for the Deadlift and never build a good back. Weak legs, a good portion of force goes flutes. For even more analysis, hear from Doug McMillon. By force, you overcome heavy weights, which are needed to build muscle. Under most conditions David Delrahim would agree. 4 there are other sports not just bodybuilding and six pack training, other sports too, where the leg muscles is very important. And I mean almost all Sports, not just sprinting, football etc. Let’s take movements, or sports where the legs seem not as important, where they apparently not so are claimed, such as boxing or baseball (or where you have to throw everything else). The force originates from the legs, see also point 3.

Even boxers, which actually only around jumping have very good legs and also train them. Weak legs, weak blow (or throw), these two components are in a direct relationship. From sports like soccer etc., I need not to write. Strong leg muscles make you strong, also in other sports not only in running or jumping, but also throwing or hitting. Assume most of the movements of the legs, not for nothing the leg muscles by nature is so well developed.

Train 5 ladies people who don’t train their legs, mostly because of the women, because they think the ladies are on a strong upper body (these individuals are called colloquially “Discopumper”). This is also true, but what is the Muscle, women at a man in the most resources? NA? Wrong, not the biceps and also not first and foremost a Sixpack. It’s the ass (sorry fort has)! A bubble butt! A Poppes to the nut-cracking, a nice round Apple ass thats what the ladies want. We’re not talking rum but the Bush, a crunchy bottom stands for strength, speed, fertility, short for masculinity. And what is the ass? The Po is a muscle that is in the dictionary under “Gluteus”, located above the hamstrings is to form only by leg workout. Who neglected the legs, also abandons a good butt and who wants that already? Always on your training, to harden not only your abdominal muscles, but include also exercises for different muscle groups in your training plan. Have fun and success during training! Regards Tobias Fendt website: fitness trainer Tobias Fendt will give on his homepage his experience gained from years of occupation in the area Fitness and weight training more. He knows the most effective training methods and which are most successful. He is considered an expert in six pack training and muscle building. Since 2009 he specializes in the creation and dissemination of fitness and training tips.