In 2010, Formula 1 is going through yet another innovation in the regulations. Because of the stables of the season was increased to thirteen teams, it was decided to change the scoring system. Back in 2003 it was decided to increase prizes from six to eight, and now glasses will give the first 10. This change looks obvious step, but it will work in reality, we learn only in the course of the season. Since 2010, the winner of the Grand Prix will be given 25 points, and for second place twenty. That is, if the previous winner had the advantage of 2 points, then it will continue to be five. The next equally important change – the increase in the number of races. If before the pilots took to the start seventeen times, in 2010 they will spend the 19 stages. ply.

In Formula 1 racing tracks are all added in 2009 and South Korea to Canada. If the Canadian Grand Prix is almost all met with positive emotions, it caused quite a Korean much controversy. Canadian stage will be held after the Grand Prix of Turkey, Korean and Japanese for once. Neglyadya on rumors and other statements, Brazilian Grand Prix will be the penultimate stage, the Grand Prix will once again finish the UAE championship. Loses status of the starting stage of the championship in Australia, this position is Bahrain.

We also will see many famous pilots. For beginners job can be and will be, but most teams need not only fast but also just experienced racers. Return to the paddock after the accident, Felipe Massa, which will be focused more attention. But we can not exclude that there will be any further amendments to the regulations before the start of the season or directly at the beginning.