But if your weight is somewhere 110 kg – that it's real. Muscles grow in proportion to total lean body mass. Therefore, your first task should be just that. If you go down the opposite way – you do not grow decent muscle. What would be a grueling workout or you spent and how much sweat is not shed, your mass will not grow unless you grow up weight training. Increased mass proportional increase in strength.

muscle strength and muscle mass, respectively, and grow only if proper rest between workouts. Go to the gym, not recovered until the end, will not bring you and a gram of muscle mass, which would more weight you will not compete. Therefore, exercise 3 times a week does not allow you to progress in recruiting the masses. For a full recovery between workouts to rest for at least 3-4 days. The key to success – cycling loads. Only this method will allow you to continuously increase muscle strength and constantly to gain muscle mass.

The basis for the training set of the masses must be only the basic exercises. Isolated exercises will reject you only backwards, because it will just waste energy that you need a major exercise. A statement that the more "hollow" muscle, the faster it grows, is the greatest misconception! Muscle should get just enough load to start the process of its growth. No more, no less. If it receives more – on the contrary, will affect its growth negatively, as it will drain their biochemical resources, which in this case will not remain on its growth. The muscle does not increase during exercise and at rest. Eating a chicken, and you're a chicken! Mass growth is possible only with a balanced and proper nutrition. To grow muscle need to eat much. Muscles are composed of protein, so their growth need protein. Protein – a building material muscles. Carbohydrates – our energy and strength. If you are accustomed to breakfast tea and a sandwich – can not think about the growth of the masses! Breakfast – it is the main meal of the day, as he sets the tone for the entire day. You should get a decent portion of protein, carbohydrates, fats and minerals the body needs. If the power will be "student", consisting of Rollton and the like – none of technique, even the best, do not give a good result. Proper technique + enough rest to recover + long and deep sleep (at least 8 hours a day) + natural and balanced diet = your success.