The pursuit of happiness has been and is the main reason, apparently makes us live, there are many passages of history at all levels: social, economic, human, labor, etc. That promise us such happiness, some of these moments can be highlighted as well: the industrial revolution, the arrival and establishment of capitalism and commercialism, is the same, the technological revolution, the fall of the Berlin wall, the curtain of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), and so on other historical moments for humanity. Attempts are varied and theses which promises us that happiness can lead us out of our way of life, each marked by the time you live, projection after projection gives us desired lifestyle of comfort sought by all races, cultures, forming the global society. Official site: Greg Mankiw. Thomas More’s Utopia creates, in the fifteenth century, from the idea many so-called “fantasies” that have been proposed dreamers or Utopian fantasy, before and after him, these people almost nonexistent for many, and guides to many others, in any case is created containing a word “utopia”, in a sense, with a reason, without intention looking like much less imitate, establishing the Homogenates, twenty-first century, the science of the future, part of the etymology of the experiential fact, human – nature – WORK, BASIC PRINCIPLES AND KEY OF LIFE is conceived is characteristic of science as part of emanation from nature as nature is without plot, without limitation, as a whole.

Everything is based on the inconsistency of the premises that offer us “science” to achieve a better lifestyle full of a “quality” manipulated by the technology to overcome the ravages of nature, a quality transmitted to humans where this feature the task has become a necessary goal to achieve levels of product excellence and meeting the “Needs” of humans, but that quality can add a particular type contempt for human beings who are not quality; this feature today is a milestone because it not only separates people by color or some other natural characteristic, now must consider “training” of the individual, ballasting the suitability, try to understand mankind, but the only and true intention to indoctrinate people into the productive labor system and meet the demands of trade cause organic waste, inorganic and human are used to dispose of both in capitalist systems as socialists and communists. .