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Kegel Incontinence

These muscles are weakened for various reasons: pregnancy, vaginal childbirth, constipation, inadequate sports, hormonal changes, aging. But the most important cause is pregnancy and childbirth. Deteriorating pelvic muscles also may cause sexual dysfunction and that women do not receive enough stimulation and orgasms are less intense or not at all be achieved. This lack of muscle support can cause discomfort or pain sensations during sex, incontinence can occur even during intercourse. All this can lead to a deterioration of security and self esteem. This muscle weakness can not recover spontaneously and recovery is possible through Kegel exercises, mebstudio, proprioception, myofascial therapy, vaginal cones, biofeedback, electrical, … 2 Our work as physiotherapists When we get a person with this problem and has no prescription He underwent a medical history, examination and indicated his visit with a specialist, either a urologist, gynecologist or coloproctologic.

To effectively treat incontinence must be properly diagnosed, so they need a series of tests in each case and specific treatment Combined pharmacological and physiotherapist either. In addition to seeking, it is also important to prevent, so always insist on antepartum courses on the muscles. URINARY INCONTINENCE URINARY INCONTINENCE TYPES The types of urinary incontinence can be grouped in the following entities as their clinical characteristics and the population group to which they belong? Stress urinary incontinence (stress incontinence)? Urge incontinence (unstable bladder)? Mixed urinary incontinence? Urge incontinence psychogenic cause? Neurological cause urinary incontinence (neurogenic bladder)? Overflow incontinence? Bladder instability in men (BPH Detrusor unstable)? Enuresis? Urinary incontinence in older people urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine, objectively demonstrable, that is, for the person who suffers a social and hygienic 3 What is the pelvic floor?

Ottawa Methods

teams in various sports used in the preparation of biofeedback methods, c) is similar to the U.S. in Canada created DynamicEdgeSportsVisionTrainingCenters in Ottawa for a special sensory training members of the Olympic team and the Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada 9 teams Olympic team preparing for the BOS-metodikamg) to the World Cup 2006 in Germany's national football team of Italy went on neyrotrening system ProComp-MindRoom (BOS-integrated simulator), e) recent football's top clubs Real (Madrid) and Chelsea have included biofeedback methods to train their players. The appropriateness and effectiveness of biofeedback techniques, due to the fact that under normal conditions, the potential of his brain an individual uses far from complete. A number of features prominently blocked stress and strong negative emotions. Particularly affected the function of attention and related functions of precision and accuracy of the programming stereotyped motor acts.

BOS-method enables us to strengthen, reinforce the neurophysiological, ie brain mechanism of these functions, improve the sustainability of this mechanism to stresses, and hence effectiveness of the brain as a whole. The effectiveness of these methods is proved by strictly scientific methods. List sports in which are beginning to use methods BOS-training steadily and rapidly expanding. Today These new methods have been widely used and give their results in such types as – football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, rifle shooting, archery, table tennis, athletics, wrestling, diving, horseback riding, cycling. In general, in the coming years we should expect mass adoption of BOS-methods in the structure of training elite sports of many kinds of sports. This is supported by examples of China and Canada. The amount of key qualities of an elite athlete is the essence of introduced sport psychologists and coaches the concept of "sport" of intelligence, having a muscular and mental-cerebral component.

Traditionally, the focus of training Athletes given it myshenoy component of sports intelligence. For the mental-brain exercise there were no adequate methods. Today the situation has changed radically, and the delay with the introduction of such methods preparation of our athletes give tangible handicap our opponents. No wonder they call it their secret weapon.

Fast Weight Gain

In our time, the problem of obesity care for more than 50% of the adult population of the earth. There are lots of various ways to lose weight. But there are also those who want to recruit as it is not surprising. Statistics says that only Every sixth person was satisfied with his body. Gain weight, as practice shows, is much more complicated than it reset. And this little one wrote. Causes of underweight there are many, the main ones are: – – Malnutrition – – Wrong way of life and lack of rest – – Parasites – – Hormonal disorders – – Inflammatory processes and diseases – – Disorders of pancreatic function or thyroid glands and digestive system – – Type constitution and other things Before that can be done, we must clearly understand what area lies the problem lack of weight – health (you have a serious lack of weight) or aesthetic (you just do not like your exterior form or if you want to improve it). For this purpose the rate of body mass index (BMI), which determine the suitability of your weight to your height and weight to assess whether inadequate. It is calculated by the formula bmi (measured in kg/m2) = body weight / weight in meters. Currently, the correspondence between the mass and the growth of man and his mass index is usually taken as follows: bmi of 15 or less – Sharp underweight bmi 15-20 – Inadequate (lack of) weight bmi 20-25 – Standard bmi 25-30 – Overweight bmi 30-35 and over – Obese If your bmi says that your weight is less than acceptable standards – for you to go to the doctor, and you should not do anything on their own to find out why.

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