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Values are also things as Justice, the Love, the Pleasure, Solidarity. (SOURCES, 2007) All the concepts above cited only come to still more exaltar the importance of the education of values, when definitions meet that say; the values are the objective and/or subjective manifestations of somebody; they are the importance of determined things; beyond still assuming, the valorativo character that helps to define gostos, feelings, sensations, opinions, judgments, that will indicate pain or joy. Values as love, respect, fraternity, solidarity in against-sense with the revenge, the hatred, the envy. This axiollogy, this theory of values that as much in the aid, but that if used in wrong way or until if not even they will be taught and stimulated its use, in the schools, the families they will make much lack for the social development and of the future interpersonal relations of the pupils, children and futures citizens. Still searching definitions of the ethical and moral values observing itself what if it can define as being Ethical and as being Moral, making an analysis that tries to distinguish the two concepts for one better agreement, a time that the concepts if seem, but is not identical. Some definitions are followed below that can clarify these concepts.

) the ethical one: 1. study of the referring judgments of appreciation to the behavior human being of the point of view of the good and the evil; 2.conjunto of norms and principles that guide the good behavior of the human being. (AURLIO, 2001, P. 300) b) ethical: sets of rules and values which if submits to the facts and the actions human beings, to appreciate them and distinguiz them; moral. (LUFT, 2005, P. 358) c) ethical: reflection on the beddings of the moral. What it characterizes the ethics is its dimension staff, that is, the effort of the man to base and to legitimize its behavior.


It is through the tricks that the child starts to separate the fancy of the reality and develops important motor and intellectual abilities with more easiness, extravasa its emotions in the most diverse feelings. As already if it has verified, infancy does not have more to be seen as a preparation time, more as a present time in itself, in which the child, plays it plays, it smiles, it dreams, it draws I colored That is, a time that incorporates everything what the child is and lives as subject of right. (ALVES, 2007) To educate mean, therefore, to propitiate situations of cares, tricks and guided learnings of form to develop ampler knowledge of the social and cultural reality and thus to assist the development of the appropriation capacities and knowledge of corporal, affective, emotional, aesthetic and ethical the potentialities, in the perspective to contribute for the formation of happy and healthful children. Consideraes Final: In the field of the education many theories that demonstrate the relevance of the game in the social context, as aperfeioador gradual of the development of the child, necessary are found for the activities of study and learning of pleasant form in the school. When it is started to analyze the knowledge acquired for the child from spontaneous situations, that is, from the ways of the proper child, the trick is perceived that not he is purely ' ' brincadeira' ' , it goes much more beyond, it is the form that the child possesss to assume of the knowledge and matureness of its functions bio-psico-social.

By means of the trick, the child develops its fine motor coordination and ample, she becomes social, she perceives the world its return and still she is happy. Playing is the world of the child, is through it that manifest it if. The small child uses of the trick to imitate, and thus, to try, its relations with the world and the other people. When bigger the games go to request the social reasoning, intelligence, relations and of affectivity, the physical development, the ethical acuidade of the directions and questions. (DOHME. Ludoeducadora in So Paulo. 2003) The Game ' ' it is an activity that by times is understood as trick according to Kishimoto (2003), this makes it difficult the definition of its meaning, what for some it can be only one diversion, for others is a vital activity. The game is one of the tricks, whose importance comes being detached since the times of Philosophers as, Plato, Aristotle, Rousseau and others that had detached its important paper in the education, but are with Froebel, that the game starts to be part of the resume of infantile education. Entering into an alliance it the process awaken teach-learning the playful side of the child developing basic abilities as to say and to write in

Argentina Team Winner Yesterday Today And Forever

We have come to always be favorite group, anyone who is the tournament in which involved and the degree of difficulty that this represents the selection Argentina. While some teams have as main goal ranking tournaments or do what has been termed a decent role, the Argentines arrive with an inamovibe purpose: winning. Argentina national team figures are impressive: two of the World Championships in four disputed late; He has won fourteen times America Cup; d eoro two medals and two silvers at the Olympics; six Youth World Championships. If nse added all tournaments of FIFA and the Sudamericadna Confederation of football, Argentina is the most award-winning inceno history. And since then, therefore, the evaluation will be made from this perspective: If WINS is considered to you have had a successful participation, but if you don’t get the highest award the accusing finger point at them in time that you hear with the word force farther away must be of the lexicon of a sportsman or a collective of high competition: failure!. Celestial fringes and its powerful Sun team came to South Africa, as his custom, on condition of favorite, not only because of sporting history, but by the good level of squad players, most of them with great figuration in Europe is where won leagues, cups and international competitions. The first round was almost a walk and in second round defeated smoothly to Mexico, although the party always is recordara because the referee validated a goal by Tevez in out of place. Already in cuaratos’s end, the team of Diego Maradona was affected psychologically by an early goal from Germany and thereafter the equipment wrecked in a sea of mistakes that did see small before their rivals. The score speaks for itself: Germany delivered you to Argentina a historic landslide. The South American bicampeones they came home prepamturamente and with the label’s failure in his African campaign folder.

National Education

The education cannot be conceived as aspect separately of the social reality. It reflects the questions clearly politics, social, interests of who withhold the financial power and resources to promote professional and continued formation. Everything is part of an wheel-alive one, where the mechanisms function arquitetados of form to answer the necessities politics of each historical period. It is important to remember that this if not sacrificing the old method of the classrooms special, however if inside makes necessary a new method of learning of the schools of our country. The great point of this process of quarrel is as to create the ideas to inside include such children of the new model of inclusion in the education, to show for society that is possible the learning of special children half to another group and first as the inclusive education for society in the process of introduction of this is important same education.

The changes had been if revealing in diverse sectors and contexts, the legal envolvement in these changes was of basic importance, the Federal Constitution of 1988, in its article 208, establishes the pertaining to school integration while constitutional rule, praising the attendance to the individuals that present deficiency, preferential in the regular net of education. In intention to strengthen the obligation of the country in providing the education, it is published, in December of 1996, the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of National Education 9.394/96. This express law in its content some significant advances. We can cite the extension of offers of the special education in the etria band of zero the six years; the idea of improvement of the quality of the educational services for the pupils and the necessity of the professor to be prepared and with adequate resources of form to understand and to take care of to the diversity of the pupils.

Andrew Corentt

I was born in an underdeveloped country and me pain as you continue to commit the same mistakes of more than one century ago, they see how incapable persons and continue taking things for nothing, can someone change when everything succeeds without effort? ES too unlikely, these are the typical people who today thanked them because they gave them 100, but then they curse him because now not takes them 200. It is also important to clarify that it is not being insensitive and we know that there are emergency situations such as health or a natural disaster, there is different because the solutions required are immediate and you must collaborate to the extent of its possibilities. What should I do to help? Well as Andrew Corentt tells us in his book I’m happy, I’m rich you must provide opportunities to people, with this initiative the people will begin to develop by itself, find a job, help low-income people study but based on results, buy their products, knowledge to teach those people to generate well-being to their lives by themselves. Then you will be making a good. All persons without exception have fallen into the comfort and perhaps give us account that we are doing something wrong, but if there is no who point us we follow and this partly converted integral in our lives and then defend it at all costs.

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