To practice fine motor skills in students of junior classes can be used needlework. The simplest of these is the embroidery of a cross, so familiar to us in the national folklore and his own studies on the lessons of Labour school. Look at their holdings and chests grandmothers – surely there is lying around the segment canvas and skeins of colored floss. Prolistnite couple of magazines for women – there are often published unpretentious schemes that are quite capable of children. If the search yielded no results, then visit your nearest store needlework and ask the sellers what they can offer. Now Russia has enough companies embroidery, which make products focused on younger students.

Thus, the firm riolis has long been cooperating with educational institutions and manufactures kits for embroidery on the recommendations of teachers. Bright colors and interesting stories do not leave indifferent children, they get great pleasure from the process. Not so long ago appeared Klarth company, which in addition to large, complex designs and develops small cute pictures. We complete your product quality materials and detailed instructions, both companies have earned the confidence of parents. Kits for embroidery is not equipped with scissors (so they can find something in any house) and the hoop. If the trunk is not my grandmother hoop it turned out, you can buy them all the same shop crafts at reasonable prices. But remember the safety information – before you start to teach your children how to properly hold the scissors and needle. The finished embroidery is possible arrange in a frame and use as a gift to his grandmother, mother, father, a beloved sister.