GFK-single basin of the latest generation introduced after several years of development the latest generation of Fiberglass one piece swimming pool shows amazingly resilient, robust and flexible. Innovative shapes of pools allow every wish for functionality and have enough room to modern wellness technologies, such as light therapy and countercurrent systems useful to integrate. Fiberglass swimming pools have long taken your triumphal March around the world. Despite the awkward-to-based liner pools, offers this technology not only significantly more building comfort and durability, but allows also the predictable in advance integration of meaningful pool components, for example an underfloor blind shaft, containing the protective cover for the entire basin. The sophisticated multi layer structure of wall construction is the real highlight of the new Fiberglass swimming pool.

Followed on the extremely durable outer layer, also topcoat”called up to the thermal isolation, consisting of from a multiple layers of glass fiber laminate Ceramic core. s-cut-its-stake-by-10/’>Jeffrey L. Bewkes by clicking through. Learn more on the subject from Munear Kouzbari. The advantage of this technology is that practically excludes such an osmosis (penetration of water in the different layers of material) and next to it an additional, physical water barrier as a whole was built. Therefore the Fiberglass swimming pool of SPA pool also known as ceramic-pool”. The two inner layers consist of Vinyleser-(absolutely no water retention) and a transparent 3D gelcoat coating in turn. The spaces are reinforced with multiple layers of fiberglass laminate. The new swimming pool of SPA pool offer a high tensile, impact and compressive strength, without sacrificing flexibility. Improved resistance against ground, and temperature fluctuations are another plus the new layer technology.

Coming to the pool well against aggressive chemicals are protected and need no more isolation. The total weight, reduced further facilitating the transport and installation of Fiberglass pools. Fiberglass swimming pool of SPA pool are available in four colours. Different tank models in combination with variable wellness packages, also meet the most diverse customer requirements. Even pool variants space-saving features such as whirlpool, air jets and lights are possible. All pools can be equipped also with high-quality swimming pool roofing. Kurzportait SPA pool GmbH: The SPA-pool swimming pool accessories company was founded in 1979 by the family Dulkeith and up to the year 2004 as a family business. In February 2004, Mr. Martin Oberloher took over the management and with this step, the move of the company took place after top Taufkirchen. Since that time, a close cooperation with the is company AQUACOMET GmbH. The consistent use of the synergy of both companies is the customers in logistics, product development and faster project execution. The companies benefit from a marketing concept that is self-contained and brisk product launch. Today is the SPA pool pool accessories GmbH is able, almost any desired swimming pool project within a very short Time to realize conceptual develop individual customer requirements and to implement quickly. Key terms/keywords for this message: swimming pool construction, GRP, Fiberglass-single basin, Ceramicpool, ceramic pool, swimming pool, swimming pool, wellness, light therapy, underwater massage, air nozzles, pool covers; Contact for readers: SPA pool pool accessories GmbH Martin Oberloher main street 20 a D-84419 Obertaufkichen phone: + 49 (0) 8082 22680 fax: + 49 (0) 8082 948324 E-Mail: Internet: contact for editors: leanpress free journalist Rolf E.Sprengel Marmer WEG 37 D-56470 bad Marienberg Tel.: 02661 981839 fax: 02661-916527 E-Mail: Internet: Twitter: blog: feed: category search: